Monday, July 28, 2014

The dark side of late retirement

Recently, state government of Odisha has announced increase of retirement age and this has been hailed by many quarters as positive developments for retaining workforces. This has considerable negative aspect which this article will elucidate on. In the month of April of last year, state government had declared good measures for youngsters. This document was of 27 pages which consist of increasing talents in education, development, training, employment, industry and health. It aims at combinative advance of youngsters in aspects of life including social and economic stages.

This document was designed to remove all barriers facing of youngsters in finding suitable job opportunities of creating an environmentally friendly congenital atmosphere in developing inherent talent in coordinating all aspects of life in bringing back the most memorable suitable career to stabilize future. This document underscores the need to accelerate the process of job and employment augmentation and optimization of various government related processes. In order to build a strong and solid Odisha state, the aims of this document are to create a sense of strengthens within young minds. If there are visions than young stars will easily reach into these visions in order to create a sense of understanding of how the goal of future lies.
The dark side of late retirement

With this vision if implemented properly, the young minds would have been empowered and inspired to make new inventions and observations that could make this state more vibrant and adjustable to dynamic scenario all across the globe. They could utilize inherent talent and power when they would perceive a better future ahead of them and for this they have utilized the sense of attachment and understanding all across sensing a better and stronger future ahead. After learning about this young visionary document, people of Odisha feel that from now on young talents would not be wasted further and they would find suitable job opportunities in order to create and manage their talents in developing a comprehensive decision making processes.

Inherent talents of youths will not be wasted and they will find a platform to showcase their talent and in this way it will supersede to make Odisha state all powerful. After almost one year, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi have won this general election comprehensively on the issues of developing and inculcating young talents and maximize their potential in order to create a deeper vision for society and a stronger India. It is a welcome step and a golden opportunity for the state of Odisha to cash into this situation in order to make this place most vibrant and more opportunity could be reaching here within lesser times. In this scenario, this article reflects about state of Odisha where we could find a deficit of teachers, doctors, lecturers everywhere inside government institutions.

In many offices, the requirements for more officers are there but due to lesser appointments fewer officers are there and it reduces sanctioning authority and delay situations further. The more absent of posts of officer’s means. There will be more and more delay in the decision making process and lesser development. For this it is always essential to have full employment and there should be most officers inside an office environment. Similarly, in colleges it is the need of hour for more than ten lecturers in one departments but sadly most of these seats are unoccupied and students have to read from small set of lecturers and this pressured both students and lecturers in great way and this causes more and more disruptions and young minds never ever find a suitable opportunities to prosper.

In the government hospital, at outdoor patient centers where there is a need for more than five doctors one always finds the presence of one doctor there and most of these seats are vacant and for this it gives more strain to doctors and provides lesser health care systems. All these create an appalling situation and there are many unemployed doctors and lecturers are there who can be employed in order to fill up these vacancies. If one doctor is pressurized to attend so many patients in outdoor departments, it is bound to be error happening there and for this it is essential to remove heavy workloads in order to create congenital atmosphere in every field of service sectors.

To err is human and if such humongous pressure of work is loaded with a single person in the work sphere especially in medical health care, one bound to see error of judgments and then with this the patient dies and then relatives of patients create mayhem all around. This creates disturbances and if someone looks from a bird’s eye view one can understand how all these situations can be attended beautifully with rich appointment of doctors all around. During pre-independence times, father of nationalism has devoted and prompted all to create educational opportunities through institutional training system. But in most of these institutions have no directors or have directors who have shared responsibilities.

All these create mayhem and difficulties all around. Most of these institutions are now headed by people who have lesser experience in work related educational systems and they are now more prone to have governmental or administrative affiliations. These results in large scale negligence in administrative offices and this amounts to bad work related educational environments all around. This goes not to show. The problem in every sphere is less in human resources all around.

Then, why not new employment with a bunch of students who have good merit career in order to make these institutions work further in good for many people. On the other hand, the retirement age of government employees is increased further and this government has saved the treasury in paying out retirements pensions and also avoided the new appointments. With this move more than five lac workers are benefitted.

On the other hand, in their salary government can give employment to more than 25,0000 to 30,0000 young ones and this can create vigor and energy all around at different institutions. From a salary of one experienced employee five to six new and young minds can be appointment. If we catapulted families of 25 to 30 lac newly appointed workers we can find more than one crore people will have a safer life due to all these jobs.

All these new measures have been just before elections and one can say all these measures have done to lure young voters to vote for the party but after the elections there is no such advent of this young developmental programs. If this policy was adopted successfully, in the coming years, young minds could be utilized successfully for comprehensive and constant progress of Odisha. It is time to ponder upon and revert back such decision of late retirement of five lac government staffs.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Bathing Festival of Lord Jagannath

These are festive time amidst hot summer. It is unbearable to its most climax experience. The temperature is 42 degrees centigrade but due to the presence of sea; it becomes virtually 48 degree centigrade. It is not tolerable and people always want to stay within the air condition to go out from this torrid summer. While unlocking galaxy phone powered by Android, I first test the temperature from its weather widget. With Android update, this widget looks nice and slowly, it indicates the level of current temperature there. The super heat coupled with heat winds across various zones makes life most miserable and more and more shops are closed amidst such clumsy weather conditions. The entire city of Puri is in festive mood.

The land of Lord Jagannnath, the master of universe, comes out due to extreme weather conditions and take bath of 108 buckets of water in order to cool himself as he is the Lord of common man and he feels the happiness’s, sadness, heat the same way as with others. Owing to extreme heat Lord have to take a bath and that too it is 108 buckets of water and this makes him feel the fever. It is the rules that the Pujapanda Brahmin servitor will pour water on Lord and water first will be brought from well by non-brahmin servitor and then it will be given to Garagadu servitor, and then they will give water to Mekap Brahmin servitor and the Mekap Brahmin servitor will give water to Pujapanda Brahmin servitor and they will pour on the heads of three deities. This is the process and there is no role of pouring of water by Daitas in this auspicious Snan purnima (Bath Festival). But sadly, I have found some daitas are doing this and they are also in addition to all these people are pouring waters on the head of the Lord.

I do not know, is it the real or there is past traditions of it but sadly all these traditions are no there at all and for the first time I have seen how all these traditions have been broken outfighting without thinking anything about the presence of Lord. All these I have read from a local newspaper about the wrong doings of daitas in the rituals of Lord Jagannath. Being related to servitor class of the Lord I have found some profound misdoings is going on. During the famous car festival, it is imperative for daitas to come to the temple for some time. It is estimated that they are tribal and in the first instance Lord Jagannath was with them. In the ancient time, King of Puri, has sent his main religious head known as Pati mahapatra to the jungle to bring back Lord to Puri temple. It is believed tribal people are hiding Lord Jagannath in a safe place as they have anticipated Aryans like to take back their Lord to more modern civilization like Puri. Pati Mahapatra went to jungle there and stay in an invisible manner like tribal people in order to know where Lord Jagannath is being worshipped by tribal heads. He creates friendship with tribal girl there who is daughter of tribal chief Bishwabasu. Patti mahapatra stays for years in order to win over belief of the tribal chief. One day, after marrying tribal girl Lalita, Pati mahapatra one day go with her to hide the location where Lord Jagannath was being worshiped by tribals. Perhaps it is the wish of the Lord to come out from hiding location to come out to be worshipped by all people of the world.

Lord Jagannath is the Lord Almighty and he lives like common people and he feels heat and for this the festival of bathing held on 13th of this month, being hosted by inner Brahmin servitors, but this festival and Lord has been the favorite of all classes as for one month in a year he is being worshipped by non-Brahmin servitors, perceived to be descendants of tribal, and descendants of offspring from Pati mahapatra the Brahmin and lalita the tribal. For the rest of eleven months, Lord Jagannath is being worshipped by inner Brahmin servitors. For a month starting from bathing festival to return of the car festival, Lord is being served by descendants of tribal (daitas) and descendants’ offspring of Pati mahapatra and Lalita. In the present India, when we have seen, many political classes have been formed and created on the basis of class, caste and creed, many such role models can be found when many such people are following this Almighty from Hindus in order to make this world a perfect place to live. In a world there is allover war between religions and recently in Iraq, there has been war between two sects of one religions, the concept of Lord Jagannath shows how religion can be observed and perceived to be one single simple entity and this is where power of Lord from his vast eyes comes upon towards devotees of all over the world.

This is the summertime of India and especially of eastern world, where temperature sours beyond recognition, heat waves comes upon across the western side of border and for this it is essential for all of us to see that even Lord, also feel the heat, and for this he wants to take bath and for this non-Brahmin servitors have pulled water from well from inside of temple and water comes to nearer to dashboard of Lord, which is the second one and people from outside can observe Lord from distance. It is the sheer magnificent of Lord, who travels within grand road, to other temple for a month. During these times, all the other people can look and pray prayers from within grand roads. In the bathing festival, Lord takes bath of 108 buckets first taken by Gharagadu then by Mekap and then by Pujapanda. During these times, it is essential for all of us to observe the honorable rules being drawn upon for the Lord for many years and many times. According to some local newspaper reports it is being seen that daitas who happen to non-brahmin servitor have also joined in this holy bathing festival of Lord Jagannath. No one knows whether this is true, or the laws have been broken or not but for sure it is utmost important that every servitors should follow the rules of Almighty otherwise it is believed that the age of the Almighty might have difficult times for all of us. It is high time to go to a set of rules and observe all these in accordance with traditions and functions which have been observed for years.

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Friday, June 06, 2014

When flow of data becomes larger than the radius of space?

There are from many ways flow of countless data reaches to server. No one has ever imagined that such humongous data would crop into server side that perhaps it would be hard to manage all these data for future. Data flow comes from social media networking, blogging, website, articles, commenting, applications, operating systems, mobiles and numerous ways. In the past, no one ever imagined that data mining proves to be more difficult that it is ever thought to be. With social media, people update their statuses and slowly everything comes to the forefront, with the advent of various other mediums such as adding of multimedia to the post and uploading various images and videos and then all these comes with numerous shares and reshapes across all platform adding to worry of servers who have to face with am daunting task of managing huge flow of data.

The amount of data comes from different areas across the world is not worrying factor but how to store these data in distant servers for many years so that all these can be accessible just like ancient books and other original works which are reachable from different excavations. So far we have not yet covered the enormity and vastness of the universe from Earth. It seems almost impossible for us to cover these areas. All these pose great risk for a voyage beyond generations. In this way, life of humanity is almost restricted to cover far away distance space.

Then, the question arises for all of us if one day after such long stretch of usages, data becomes bigger than the radius of space then how we can contain all these data inside the earth. Then, will some data will be deleted and this is proof how these perpetual security of data can be possible. All these go on to show, the facing problem of the future that will be encountered by us or future generations in keeping data on physical servers at different locations far away from Earth. Data flow in internet is virtually as it deals with connection of computer from computer thus making a large chunk of the internet worldwide, but in reality data are saved on physical servers by cloud hosting companies such as Google, drop box and so on.

Even in this age there are some services which are offering data management for free but slowly they are deleting this options and what you will do to save such humongous part of data and how could you download to your physical hard disc and then upload to different server or cloud hosting companies. Recently, I received a letter from Norton Zone cloud hosting service at termination of Norton zone and this is really shocking to me. It has been offering free cloud space for five GB and it has automatic camera uploads and this can be useful when you want to upload android images in full form directly from camera. Google offers this unlimited space to the users of android device powered by Google, but with standard size as it is evident from that Google offers in concise format and this is not a good way to preserve all images for future reference.

Google is reliable and it can protect your data for future reference and it is true that it will be alive on our life time, as there is now ay one could know after 500 years ours data will be till saved with Google, or else Google will be still there after 500 years. When saving data, one should always think that after 1000 years or so there would be one day of future generations can find out some device to retrieve such data if they are preserved at some point at any such distinct location. If these trends continue the earth will be full of physical servers where everywhere there would be servers and data will be preserved. Then where did people will stay and earn their livelihood from at discrete locations.

Like the emergence of populations all around the world which is making space to live very desperate and dangerous to survive, as always it is intimidated to know about that one day locations of high number of physical server containing data could prove to be catastrophe for humans or can there be any such alternative mechanisms will be discovered to store such vast scale of data all cross world and day by day with spreading of internet all around the world flow of data are enormous and unbelievable. Like the umpteenth of space all round where the determination of distance is still only rambling of thoughts similarly could one day we relocate these server locations to other destinations such as moon or places of earth of some nearby asteroids which are roaming in the space between earths and mars.

It is possible and the only point of connection of the Internet can be done with satellites which can send receive data at higher speeds and this can make the entire server space transactions at a great neck speed to sustain the brunt of space lost. It can be made and scientists should seriously consider such convenience of shifting servers to different planets of asteroids as with this space of earth will be increased further and there are no way shortages of data from around the world. The world is a vast space and space is numerous as we are still not able to grasp the entire distance around the world. There are some problems attached with safeguarding of these servers. As of for every space travel the most difficult part associated with is high and expensive cost and this makes the entire possibility of transforming some of the other works to other planets and sub-planets. We should seriously look forward to searching for newer mechanisms in order to reduce cost of space travel from expensive ones.

Then complete shift of different ideas can be transported from Earth to different planets. Then, we have to look for gravitational forces of other planets which can have different impacts of transmission and then whether such transmissions can be done uninterruptedly from other planets to Earth. Then seamless flow of data and accessing of data can be done easily by servers. Then security of such servers in those faraway lands is major questions that have to be seriously answered.

No one knows the presence of aliens or different form of living species and what if they are there or have been reaching to moon or other planets and in seeing such acquisition of land by physical servers they can steal data or can attack from those communication routes. No one knows these aliens are better than we or they are more capable than we to fight against such imminent postures. All these create a sense of hope and aspirations to sustain different alternative routes to encase the possibility of storing huge amount of data in alternative locations. In reality we have mass number of space all around and it is high time browse through such different locations and finds out what suits best of convenience for all of us.

Friday, May 30, 2014

How to save your digital life from being hacked?


We live in a world of internet. It is a virtual world but for internet users it is their world and they want to stay in that world and remain there forever. The internet is a nicer place so long as one understands different pitfalls and hazards in the right manner and goes with the changed aspect of life with a constructive view towards enrichment of various attainments. There are numerous articles about internet behaviors and in what way one should behave as such while browsing the Internet. This article is related to that sort of internet behavior which aims to give full proof security and also it aims to construct different safeguards which are comparatively newer to us. There are some quicker ways through which one can practice better internet security and this article aims to provide readers that sort of experience of bringing back quick tools and precautions with which safe internet practices can be done. This year hackers have been more professionals and they are not targeting individual users but they have few successes in targeting big companies and this makes entire users who are using such services at fault with them.

Hackers targeting bigger companies: 

In this world of internet, hackers are employing newer measures and constantly targeting bigger companies like Microsoft, EBay of their services. In this way, in a single shot they are able to get control over the bigger scope of internet users and retrieve different information without any hesitation. Not to forget about the “heart bleed” bug which severely targets the better encryption security parameters which seem to have given users better privacy? Now, it is better to safeguard digital life and it is now most vulnerable and there are simple and quick ways to make them safe from being stolen and falling prey to trespassers. Every hacker uses the prolonged permutations and combinations method to hack into different password groups and once they are able to succeed and break those passwords it is now open ground for them to retrieve all information from server. The first and foremost part of any use is to have a good and strong passwords. password should be secure enough not to be broken and every individual who has digital life should have been learned in length about different aspects of creating a stronger-password.

Secure Password: 

Do not use same password for different services as most hackers believe persons use some set of passwords for most of people’s account and once they got into single password mechanisms they intrude into different part of password set and reveal entire set of mixtures form different directions and in this way entire part of secrecy is revealed. So, learn to create a stronger password and do not use the same password for two different websites. Enable two-factor authentication for applications. Websites such blogger, Tumblr, twitter, Facebook, Zoho, Norton zone and Drop box are offering two factor authentication systems by attaching one hardware option for logging into services. You can attach mobile number or computer or smart phone as authentication factors and in this way no one could able to hack into your account. In almost all services of Google, there are two factors authentication is available. Whenever anyone is trying hard to hack into your website, the website, either you will confirmation code as sms or as authenticator from your device. In this way, nobody can hack into your account as it requires a password and also your hardware smart phone device to log into an account.

Apply security bug fixes and patches immediately: 

Time to time big software companies such as Microsoft. Apple and Google are releasing software patches and updates to secure operating system. In this time operating system starting from Android to Windows is not secure. They are constantly being attacked from different hacker groups and this it is essential to update the operating system immediately. It is not wise to root your android operating system as it total control of Google comes out and this makes your system vulnerable to external attackers. It is not wise to ignore such regular updates and fixes and it is better to update your respective operating system be it mobile or computer for a safe and secure environment devoid of any such hackers lurking into your system. It is always prudent to carefully read the permissions of applications and privacy policy of software while installing on smart phone and computer.

Most times, these are written on acceptance agreement and if these are not read correctly than anyone can fall prey to such wicked tactic from hackers. It is not wise to install application from sources other than “Googel Play” as Google has observed strict application check in policies from time to time and has been checking all these applications by installing at first on virtual server and then checking it and then end it to device. If you are using an application from other sources or from sources other than Google play store it is not recommended to see it as it can harm your smart phone and can break it security restrictions provided from Google.

Avoid using unknown external drives from others: 

Your computer is clean, but it can be infected with viruses when you insert any third party media devices bring back from different other sources, such as USB drives or offline drives. If you do not trust the source it is better to avoid inserting these devices into the computer and it is better to go for cloud solutions from where you can retrieve those files. Ask your friend to upload those files into a cloud and then you can retrieve those files from cloud and in this way you are not been targeted with different other sources of hacker’s point. Modern day computing is good for cloud services and with the introduction of Android and Windows 8, the use of cloud services are on the rise and it is better to go for such measures where one can find exceptional intimation and wonderful conversions of receiving files from cloud and there are such services which are offering these cloud as a complete synchronization utilities.

Use email with caution: 

After recent “heart bleeds” virus attack, it is wise to send and receive personal email with caution as there is no guarantee of encryption protocols are secure enough. It is wise not to send and receive personal financial accounts and its credit card numbers to anyone using email. You do not know at what point of time your email account can be hacked into and this can have an adverse impact on your entire financial transactions. Read security blogs and keep track of all phishing scams that have been surfacing from time to time and if you are confronting with such phishing account attempt it is wise to go and report such scams to Google or any other hosting provider so that they can immediately take actions and black list such domains and the mails arising out from these intruders.

If you are doing internet banking or performing financial transactions through debit cards it is wise to do with your own computer instead of going into a public computer. Most of public computers have no administrative rights and for this majority of times the information you have been deleting can be retrieved by administrators after the end of session. In this way they can, log into your bank account and can transfer money from there. It is wise to go with a private computer at home while performing such financial transactions. In this world of the internet where everything is open and it is very difficult to hide some facts but with few corrective steps one can negate imminent disturbances from outside and in this way one can stay secure irrespective of dangers lurking from the outside world.

Back up and go for cloud:

In this era of internet and smart phone devices, we have a great camera and with it we can snatch wonderful phto0graph and other accessories and in this manner the entire length and breadth of photograph can be clicked and most of these photographs are of higher resolution. It is now easier to connect to the internet and automatically upload to different cloud service without any such disturbances. If you have good internet package, you can do it to make it automatically synchronies photographs and make it more vibrant and vivid and save it forever in a cloud from different genuine hosting services. In this way all your multimedia contents are in safe hands and stay with cloud and now it can be viewable and seen with different devices without any such problems. Backing up all of your documents and other essentials to the cloud remains secure can be seen and retrieved in different places and different applications.

For example with android one can find automatic synchronization of photos, videos and folders straight into Google cloud services which are offered for free for a standard image and videos. They with proper synchronization all these multimedia contents can be seen within devices and it can be viewable even without installing images and multimedia contents for free. It is always judicious to go for secure Wi Fi connectivity in the era of internet. There are many chances of internet hacking in same Wi Fi zone. It is better to have secure Wi Fi with password protected so that no files and documents inside your computer cannot be hacked by other users of the same Wi Fi. In this way, it is essential to go for more secure security all around so that many such dividends of secure internet world can become a reality.

Avoid shoulder surfing:

It is wise to ignore shoulder surfing while using the computer. When you are putting passwords to yours mail account many a times yours friend would have been standing behind you and watching typing of passwords by you and for this there are ever4y chance of stealing of passwords and for this it is better to see everywhere and use password and username securely. Now-a-days every web 2 websites require server authentication and for this it is better to use passwords securely and use a two way authentication system so that every your passwords is stolen or hijacked it can still be retrieved through your attached smart phone.  There is an application called as “authenticator” is from Google which will give way to two factor authentication to different services from Google, Zoho and many other services.

Now, even if someone has hacked into your password still that strange hacker has to hack into hardware of smart phones in order to have full access to your internet account. In this era of internet it is high time to go and study about different aspect of internet and security practices so that in the future no can care about hacking into your digital information as well as different aspect of online information sharing. It is very simple to observe these behavioral aspects of computing so that apart from going into different modes of security software one can have strict behavioral vigilance in order to stop bad internet practices. In the era of high speed internet connectivity and wired broad band information sharing is on super fast speed and if any such hacking into your account comes forward and do not observe the safe computing practices then information can be transferred within no time. In this era of internet and information sharing prominence to data sharing is important. Data is more valuable than money and it is high time save and unites all aspects of data before it is being taken over by malicious elements.


In this era of digital practices and common misconception that good hosting companies have high value and they can store your data forever. However, it is not so true. You are4 not sure when your data can be at the hands of thieves from face book, Gmail or some other internet services. It is about individual’s responsibility to create a sustainable environment for saving own data and create a safer place fo0r browsing and managing internet.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fellow passenger

It was almost depth of night. I have reached at the station in the evening and then reached to my reservation birth at first class bogie and settled in my seat. Mu adjacent seat is empty and no one is there and I thought at that moment probably someone would be reaching here from between platforms. There are much bigger platforms will be coming soon and perhaps at the depth of night and then after wards someone will reach here. I am feeling bored as there is no one to talk back during the long train journey. The train starts its journey, I was preparing to go towards my native place after a long gap due to professional commitments and I was very happy and the journey will take more than two days from here to reach my native destination. In the mean time, the train reached at the outer of the platform and stayed there for a few minutes. In most of broad platforms trains used to stay for some time to allow different up and downwards train and for this my train is standing at the outer. In the mean time, after some minutes two trains passed with high speed and whistling away from my brain and from the glass pane of the window I could sense the speed of the train which is going opposite words.

According to Newton’s law of motion, the train which is standing there is felt like running and the train which is actually running seems still. It is a simple equation but still to date Newton is the first person to discover this. Science is full of surprises and many simple equations where one can find unique laws corresponding with each other running at different directions. It is difficult to find simple laws of nature. Many a time we tend to ignore simple meaning which gives us much surprise from different perspectives. Many wonderful scientists have seen the world in the most simple form and find out the most different variants of discoveries which many times common man failed to find it out. In the mean time, ticket collector comes in and he sat in the next seat. He checked my ticket and wishes me happier journey and I smile back in response. I asked him, about the person who will be sitting in the next birth and he said to me that the specified seat which I am asking will be empty for the rest of the journey. This is not surprising as in first class the cost of a seat is on the higher side and for this many seats lies vacant there. Now, I ate earlier prepared food and drink plenty of water. Air condition is working nicely, and it gives me immense coolness and I slowly begin to sleep and before it I closed the door from inside as no one would be reaching for the next berth. Ticket collector before leaving also advised me to close the door as no one will be reaching for the next berth.

I opened my android and select some songs and set it to stop automatically after two hours and set the sound setting to nine so that it would be good for the ear but not disturbing to my mind and then I sleep. I slept for almost three hours and I woke up realizing some station is coming and switched on the light and observe the station windows pane. The train is leaving the platform and I was late at the station is slowly reaching to backwards this means the train is now going towards out of this city. I have been always very much interested in seeing different platforms. As I am a blogger and writer for different content networking sites, I am always having the fascination towards observing different areas with deep interest and aspiration and sad to see the station go away.

I switched on the light and suddenly one lady tone comes from the background telling me about that station. I was surprised and switched on the light and see one lady was seating on the next berth. At first instance I was bemused but then realize that probably later on ticket confirmed and that is why she is sitting there. A lady with a mystic look and I am doing everything possible to see her face but half of her face is not visible at all from nearer distance. She was smiling and half of her teeth were visible. Her eyes are covered with thick red spectacle which is prolonged till her cheeks. She was wearing a cowboy hat and wearing entirely white dress. Her age seems to be about the latter part of 20s but from her appearance it is clear that she looks young and she is beautiful. On her right hand, she was wearing some bangles but most of these bangles are not so visible due to some light fading inside train. Due to night time lights from outside are not there and this even from the smaller distance it would be pretty much difficult to observe completely her.  She was wearing a long white skirt.

She told me you are looking about. I paused for some time as I have not expected this question from her, but I said. I was thinking how you reach here as the ticket collector told me this seat is vacant. She smiles back and said she has been since confirmed ticket. Earlier she had second class air condition ticket but not confirmed and now she changed it to first class by giving an additional sum of money. I was feeling some sort of strangeness while talking to her. The normal atmosphere was not at all there and the spread of anonymity simply crippling into mind from now where. It is the sense of strangeness which makes us think that something is not correct. Suddenly, I thought I have closed the door from inside and how come she enters from outside. There is something wrong with her. She was grinning at me in a strangest manner. I have sensed this must be sort of non human. I have heard stories how non human evil entities can reach to discrete zones like air do. I have locked the door and though ticket collector told me before leaving from here but this girl reached here and she was not talking to me.

I could not talk much as I realize I was in front of evil and the berth is closed and there was no one to assist me out. The main class of this train has very few passengers and every berth is closed with doors and there is no way out for me from any side. I was in a state of shock. Dismay and my memory were failing at the faster moment. There is not any respite from me. I closely look towards her. She was smiling and slowly stood from there and walking towards me. I closed my eyes. All of a sudden I feel plenty of sunshine in the wildest night and there is sunlight everywhere and from one source plenty of energy is falling back on me. I was dumbstruck at the change of event. The entire sky was white in the darkest of night and the stars are seemingly purple patches in between and it gives me the sense of an artificial entity but I have to believe what I have been seeing right now.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Get to know Windows 8

There are a large number of new things in the newer version of Windows. When Windows 8 first resurface, it is widely regarded as the most confused operating system of all time. It has dual operating system and the second operating system runs in background adding miseries to the inexperienced user. The “Start screen” is the collection of your favorite applications begins with pinning of apps, people and websites. There are many default applications by Microsoft which cannot be uninstalled, as it stays give web browsing as well as social networking, weather information and other application. From “Start” you can start typing the search icon by moving the cursor to left end of the dashboard and from there you can see applications and other files and from there click on any item to launch those applications.

The search feature is embedded with Windows 8 and it gives the user seamless search results. From the beginning of Windows XP, the search results of Windows 8 are now becoming perfection. There are numerous ways one can reach to start menu. There is one dedicated “start menu” button in the keyboard and by hitting the logo key, one can reach to charm-menu and hidden operating system files. Microsoft has introduced “Windows store” similar to the likes of “Google Play store”, “apple store” and “Samsung apps” with lists of popular-applications. In the initial years, there has been fewer applications in “Windows store” but with due course of time number of applications are on the rise. From “Charm menu” one can reach to “Windwos store” and from there reach to store application and from here one can update an old application and download new applications. This system comes from Android operating system where one has to log in to a Google account and in this way all the information of the account is connected to cloud.

When someone has a new Windows 8, all these information can be retrieved after logging into the same Microsoft account. Sky Drive, photos, documents, emails and social networks are all been constantly synchronized with Microsoft account and it remains when you log in to the same account with Windows Mobile or with another computer which has Windows 8 installed. In this way you do not have to connect to different accounts when you are starting a fresh installation. All yours theme, language preferences and browser favorites are synchronized and come forward when you log in with the same user name and password. You can still sign in without a Microsoft account, but it is always better to sign in with a Microsoft account so that all information related with that account remains same and do not have to reinstall again.
The newly introduced “The charms” which has many functions and it is the gateway to different functions such as search, share start, devices and settings. It is at right side of your screen and it can be accessed through multiple options.

The “Search charm” is a powerful option to search what you are looking, for. The “Share charm” let's you send links. Photos to your friends in social-networks. It is safe from Android share which can be reached directly from the share menu of Android. It is moving towards mobility but considering positioning of the laptop which has specific positioning due to heavy work loads of-professionals. In the past, many feared that there will be a day when most users will discard use of a laptop and the positioning of the laptop will be replaced with smart-phones. It will never ever happen considering the ease of work relating with laptop which provides greater room for professional to work easily while documenting or doing any image editing-functions. All these can be done with different “word processor” with smart phones but the convenience and the ease with which all these can be done makes the positioning of the laptop in the top priorities list from among different segment of users.

Within “the Charm menu” one can easily find about application commands simply by right clicking application and from their different commands are easily visible. The desktop from charm menu is beautiful with full screen and makes it easier for users to work in full capacity without any such distractions. Windows 8 is the first operating system which does not depend upon solely on the software front to keep it safe and secure. It has many hardware mechanisms which make it a perfect operating system so that it works securely without any such disturbances from outside. The Metro user interface becomes confusing for many critics at the beginning and it feels they somewhat go on criticizing these interfaces day by day. In reality it is one of the most secure interface and internet explorer works securely while staying in these resources. It is always advisable to use these resources while browsing the Internet so that there is less chance of intrusion of root kits inside these interfaces.

Windows 8 has faster boot time as it reallocates all these resources and priorities booting processes. Microsoft is using different booting parameters than earlier processes. It is secure and it stops root kits and boot kits from entering into the system. It is a sophisticate system with plenty of professional advancements. It is fast and furious and works like charm and the Metro user interface is a smarter addition to it. Windows 8 ensures fundamental shift the way windows work as it is oriented towards more and more touch oriented surface tablet though after a few months Microsoft has to rethink the strategies and beginning to consolidate it for the betterment normal computer users. Windows needs the support of physical address extension for new features which are strong and robust. It runs with Direct 9 graphics cards and it has better coordination of three dimension features.

There should be proper posture before using the computer. Most professionals use a computer in a long term basis and in the process they forget basic posturing rules related with computer. One has to be set in 90 degree bases and hands should be in a rectangle in order to have proper posturing points. Use the chair with a comfortable back and one need to put legs in a rectangle in order to have proper posturing and this does not hurt the user even using the computer for a longer stretch of time. Top height of your computer should be equal to lower than you're visible eyesight. Keep you monitor away from your eyesight at least 50 centimetres and it is always advisable to use LCD monitor for better eyesight and preservation of eyes in the long term use. Do not press keyboard, touch pad and mouse with superlative force. It is advisable to use an external keyboard, mouse when using a laptop for a long period of time.

If you are a professional blogger and writer, it is always a good idea to use an external keyboard and mouse so that pressure on in built keyboard will be minimized superlatively. In short Windows, 8 is a very easy operating system with nice graphic user interface which consists of two parts such as desktop and Metro user interface. User can feel at home working with both parts. Traditional users like to use the graphic user interface of desktop or new users can shift their allegiance to Metro user interface for better coordination among different users. Networking connectivity with Windows 8 is smart and it works nicely with Android operating system’s tethering functionality. It can create WiFi hub for users and in this way wireless connectivity becomes easier without difficulty. Internet sharing are now fast becoming an easier prospect and in this way use of Windows 8 is fast growing and it is so secure that even China does not want to use it considering fear that it could not hack into this operating system like the previous ones.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Smart security enhancements of Windows 8

Windows 8: 

Microsoft released its desktop operating system Windows 8 one and a half years back and prior to it. It had released a few developers version for beta testing of wide communities and sought their opinions for further development of this wonderful operating system. Since, then many bloggers including me have been writing many articles related with Windows 8 but time and again hidden treasures inside this operating system surprise many with its wonderful fluid interface, brilliant security features coupled with super fast booting and introduction of Linux type booting where hardware manufacture can now tweak it for further conveniences of users. For the first ever time, Microsoft has included its flagship anti malware and integrated deep into the operating system and it drives away all possibilities of installing any such third party anti malware from Norton, Trend Micro, Mcafee or Eset. Its name changes to Windows Defender as the name suggests it defends and protects operating system from outside intrusion and constant flow of malwares. It does not constitute a new feature. Windows Defender was included in all features of past Windows starting from Windows Vista and it can be downloaded as a standalone installer in erstwhile Windows XP. With Windows 8, it is incarnated into a fully fledged anti malware to fully protect your personal computer.

Windows Defender of Windows 8 is a rebadged version of Microsoft security essentials. Its name has been superseded by Windows Defender. In the past with the success of Microsoft Security Essentials in various online tests it feels doomsday for other third party antivirus industries. It provides decent protection and better than any other free antivirus software like Avast. It does not have a wide array of extra features. It runs silently and works in the background. It does not show in the taskbar but is running inside operating system and guarding your every action starting from scanning for pen drives, optical discs or accessing files from computer. It does not have a context menu scanning option and this user cannot scan individual files. So, there are two prominent features are missing in Windows Defender of Windows 8. One is the context menu scanning and the other is the icon is not visible inside the taskbar Perhaps this should be the primary reason why Windows Defender is not showing inside taskbar

Windows Defender automatically updates itself through Windows updates. On Windows 8, Microsoft update is hidden deep inside and unlike Windows XP it cannot be done separately as it is built inside and goes on update without any such effort from the user. Many modern computers purchased with Windows 8 will not have Windows Defender as their default antivirus installation. Many hardware manufacturers have been installing third party antivirus programs as and when the user installs these third party programs they receive royalty from them. It is wise not to use such programs as Microsoft is providing wonderful anti malware program namely Windows Defender and it has seamless integration with the operating system. Its interface is smooth and simple. It is quite clear and runs with high speed without any such disturbances and conflict of operating system. Many times it has been seen, many antivirus programs are not running good as they are third party antivirus programs and tend to lag the operating system and make it slow and sluggish. These royalties for computer manufacturers start from $15 to $20 and when considering computers sell in millions the accumulated royalty coming out from installing third party antivirus packages becomes a huge commercial advantage for the computer manufacturer.  Microsoft has provided an escape route for a computer manufacturer to disable default Anti Malware Windows Defender easily.

Strength of Windows Defender: 

In this way, they continue to receive a high degree of royalty from third party antivirus companies in exchange of bundling their software in computers. Though, Microsoft has made it compulsory for all third party antivirus companies to create a clean install and uninstall antivirus. It does not want earlier problems of bad registry entries, leftover files which will make the computer slow and sluggish and changing from one antivirus to the other becomes problematic. With these additional policies, now user can easily swap between different antivirus packages without any difficulties. Strength of Windows Defender is that it does not encourage the user to buy any product or it does not interfere with the search index of users. It does not install third party tool bar or any such adware which can interfere as distinctive spheres of Windows. Google recently announced stricter application advertisement restriction policies for application developers not to bundle advertisement which will appear when a user needs to be involved with application. Of late, user tends to be worried about open adware installation on Android device. Google then revised its application policy and gives a certain time for the user, to remove bundles adware from application otherwise these application will be banned for life. On the other hand, Microsoft has given plenty of scope for stopping such visualisation of adware on its application. It is for sure is that user never loving adware and they do not want it to run while playing games or using the application.

It is unquestionably the most difficult intrusions. In the past, we have seen many such intrusion detection mechanisms where users have to employ intrusion prevention system and try hard to secure system through the implementation of these complex mechanisms. Many a time, such measure will make the computer unbootable and prone to malwares. In the past, we have seen threat-fire as a good software to stop rootkit but it is bloated and makes the system heavy and many a times un-bootable. These newer versions of Windows Microsoft have made some serious overall in coding patterns coupled with advance arrangement with leading computer manufacturers to introduce hardware security on preventing root kit from entering into the system. When root kits affect booting of the computer, it becomes boot kit. Microsoft has introduced some critical changes in Windows 8 to tackle root kit and make it safe for operating system. Boot Kit completely controls system files and boot loader and replaces original boot loading files with its own version boot loader is preliminary files used for booting and when these are not available, then the computer will never be bootable. This was a grave problem with Windows XP, but it seems with Windows 8 most of these problems are solved. Microsoft has also released Windows Defender offline for an older version of Microsoft Windows and it helps other computer to repair bootloader files through optical driver.

Smart security enhancement of Windows 8: 

A big change of Windows 8 security postures is the compulsory requirement of the computer manufacturer to use a new type of firmware called UEFI. Generally, in the past most computer manufacturer use BIOS firmware embedded in the motherboard. The concept of BIOS has been used since IBM first introduced in 1981. Since then, many developments and improvements have been there on BIOS front but it has some limitations. The basic configuration can be amended and this makes the way for hackers to create a sustainable path of intrusion from the path of configuration of hardware and software. These limitations on basic designs directly affect computer security. UEFI is a new technology and originally developed by Intel in 1990s, but subsequently it has been developed by a consortium of hardware manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, Ubuntu, Intel, Lenovo and so on. UEFI runs with secure digital booting and it checks for certificates before it loads a boot loader and it is called as secure boot function which is very secure and impracticable in terms of malware attacks. This feature comes with severe criticisms from Linux users who will be in no position to dual boot with Windows. As certificate of Linux-boot will not be recognizable by UEFI and thus it fails to load the boot loader and operating system. Digital signature of Linux-boot will not be recognizable by UEFI. Microsoft has done this deliberately to make a safe place for operating system. In the past, most hackers stole digital certificates from companies and used to boot load through it and gain administrative access to system files. Most of these users are from Linux communities.

In order to calm Linux users, Microsoft specifies to hardware manufacturers to enable secure boot by default but also it says that there should be a mechanism to disable security-but when the user wants it to disable for installing dual operating system. All these terms and conditions are indicated in Microsoft hardware requirements. In the short term with the introduction of rootkit, attack surface and boot kit are completely disabled or driven out from the boot loader for the operating system.


We do not know whether any hacker will be able to trespass such strong UEFI boot loader system or not but for the time being it is securest operating system ever produced by Microsoft. After UEFI secure boot, which stops any such boot kits to replace default boot loader, Microsoft has introduced a new concept of security known as Early Launch Anti Malware Technology which allows anti malware to load first after secure boot in order to provide full time security to operating system. In the past most serious threat to the Windows operating system has been from initialization of rootkits or stealth mechanisms early from the boot loader and before commencement of programs in an operating system. Windows 8, Microsoft has considerably improved various features of this operating system through the introduction of secure boot and early launch anti malware technology which virtually closes all routes of trespassing of boot kit, rootkit and stealth mechanisms. There are various technologies which can remove such threats but when these malwares start before starting of antivirus software, it poses serious difficulties for third party antivirus software to stop these menaces. ELAM is strictly a detection technology and for the time being because it has no capacity to remove malwares. It stays in between operating system code and time of its execution. It seriously checks for exploits and stops it before it became a catastrophe.


Once operating system starts loading from the process of the boot loader of UEFI secure boot, it hand over operating system for protection to third party antivirus installed on the system. The technology of ELAM is a major boost to security of the Windows operating system as it poses as deterrents to boot time malware. In the end beginning of boot loader with UEFI secure boot and then the boot-process of checking code hijacking through ELAM and finally operating system loads with Windows Defender as standard user sans administrative rights give exclusive security to the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. In my opinion it is one of the most secure and safe operating system ever done by Microsoft. Keep using it.

How to run Windows Defender in Windows 8?

Smart security enhancement of Windows 8

Step 1: User left click on "Search (button)" in "Charm Bar"

Step 2: User keyboard input on "Search (pane)" in "Search" [... Backspace ...]

Step 3: User left click on "Settings (text)" in "Search"

Step 4: User left click on "Windows Defender (edit)" in "Settings Search"

Step 5: User mouse drag start on "Windows Defender (window)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 6: User mouse drag end on "Windows Defender (window)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 7: User left click on "Update (button)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 8: User left click on "History (button)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 9: User left click on "Settings (button)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 10: User left click on "Excluded files and locations (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 11: User left click on "Excluded file types (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 12: User left click on "Excluded processes (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 13: User left click on "Advanced (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 14: User left click on "Administrator (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 15: User left click on "MAPS (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 16: User left click on "Administrator (text)" in "Windows Defender"

Step 17: User left click on "Close (button)" in "Windows Defender"

Windows Defender