Sunday, September 26, 2010

Delete WinXP individual system restore points with CCleaner

Individual or selective removal of WinXP System Restore Points has now become more easier.System Restore Service takes space in Windows XP in a span of 2 months almost 8 GB with over 50 individual restore points.Any system changes, including minor software additions or deletions,creates a restore points even multiple restore points in a day.You can minimize this more so if you are using laptop having space constraints. Please read on .

Download the latest version of CCleaner ;important: download the version 2.19.900 on or afterwards.It now has a tool to delete individual restore points. You may download it now from Open CCleaner click on 'Tools' on the left hand side then click on 'System Restore' and select any individual restore point and click on 'Remove'. It is only possible to remove one at a time. Automatically the latest system restore point cannot be deleted ,never disable system restore completely because it is essential to use it for minor mishaps.Please view Full Album for more illustration.CCleaner is the tool for cleaning your Windows PC. Keep your privacy online and offline, and make your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


TweetLater is a fantastic tool for managing and organising yours twitter account. You can post twitter updates with a  time-delay . This gives  yours guest  an illusion that you are always  on twitter. This can pull more people towards yours twitter account and resulting enhancing popularity yours twitting. If you are a great tool making and  showing yours twitter account active  always on . TweetLater account active always on. TweetLater is used in stealth mode.

How do I add a Twitter account and then automate it?

Login to the "Accounts" menu tab in the top menu that's below the site logo.Click the "Add Account" sub-menu tab.Click the Continue button on the next page.That will open a page where you need to enter your twitter  username and password.Scroll down and click to check the selection boxes of the automation options you want. Scroll all the way down and click the Save button.

API Key:This API Key is the authentication mechanism that gives access to your TweetLater account to any third-party application that uses the TweetLater API. You never need to provide your TweetLater username or password to any application. If anybody asks for your username and password, then it's a scam.If you suspect that your API Key has been compromised, you can generate a new key with TweetLater.

The first thing you need to understand is, your new followers will never be processed immediately when they follow you. It is simply impossible for TweetLater to do that.When you add your Twitter account and set its automation options,TweetLater grab a copy of your follower list from Twitter and  save it in their system.After waiting several hours ,TweetLater use this new list and compare it with the previous one they grabbed.Then make the comparison and update the status of the followers.

Every time you edit your Twitter account entry and change any of the automation options, TweetLater completely reset your schedule, and  take a new snapshot of your follower list.In other words, any unprocessed new followers that followed you before you clicked the Save button will not be recognized as new followers and will not be processed. Only new followers who follow you after you've clicked the Save button will be picked up and processed the next time the bus reaches your stop.

Go here for TweetLater :Productivity tools for busy Tweeple.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Manually download the latest definition updates for Windows Defender

Even all of these security measures in place ,there is still a chance for things to take an ugly turn for the worst. Windows Defender will help to protect against malware infection,malicious downloads,popups,slow performances and a variety of other internet-borne threats. To help avoid virus and malware infection, it is important to take care with all the online activities.Spyware as we all know is a program that is installed on a PC without the  users agreement and is directed at collecting personal/sensitive classified information about a user or the computer. So an anti spyware is a program that blocks malicious programs from fulfilling their intensions and Windows Defender is an anti spyware and is more capable. Many people use anti-spyware in combination so as to add multiple layers of security. But should a conflict resides, it is recommended to use only one solution at a time.

Unwanted software can be installed by websites, downloaded programs, or a program you might install from a CD, DVD, external hard disk, or a device. Spyware is most commonly installed through free software, such as file sharing, screen savers, or search toolbars ,some spyware can be installed from a website through an embedded script, or program in a webpage. Some unwanted software requires your help to install through web pop-ups or free software that require you to accept a downloadable file. However, if you keep Windows up to date and don't reduce your security settings, you can minimize the chances of a spyware infection. Some websites will repeatedly display pop-ups asking you to install a toolbar or change your home page. When this happens, try closing the browser window. If the pop-ups still appear, right-click the Internet Explorer button in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, and then click Close Group. As a last resort, close any other programs you have open, and then restart your computer. When you visit websites, do not automatically agree to download anything the site offers. If you download free software, such as file sharing programs or screen savers, read the license agreement carefully. Look for clauses where you must accept advertising and pop-ups from the company, or that the software will send certain information back to the software publisher.

This article describes how to manually download the latest definition updates for Microsoft Windows Defender.To manually download the Windows Defender definitions for your computer, follow the steps for your operating system type, 32-bit version or 64-bit version.

After you click this link, click Run to install the definition file immediately, or click Save to save the definition file to the computer. If you click Save, remember the folder where you save the file. To install the saved definition update file, click Start, click Run, locate the folder where you saved the definition file, double-click the Mpas-fe.exe file, and then click OK. Note To install the file on a Windows Vista-based computer, right-click the file, and then click Run As Administrator to install it. When the definition file runs, a file extraction dialog box appears. The dialog box indicates that the definition update is installing. After the file extraction dialog box closes, you can verify that the Windows Defender definitions have been updated. To do this, open Windows Defender, and then check the definition version that is listed in the box at the bottom of the Windows Defender Home dialog box.

Command-line installations:

The Windows Defender definition update file (Mpas-fe.exe) can use the -q command-line execution switch. This switch installs the definition update in quiet mode. Quiet mode suppresses the definition file extraction dialog box. For example, type the following command:

    • Mpas-fe.exe –q

64-bit versions of Windows :
If you run a 64-bit version of Windows, download the Windows Defender Update Definition file by clicking one of the following links.
Note You must be running a 64-bit version of Windows to run a 64-bit version of Windows Defender. 64-bit versions of Windows include x64-based versions and Itanium-based versions. To download the Windows Defender definition update file for x64-based versions of Windows, click the following link:


  1. To download the Windows Defender definition update file for 32-bit (x86-based) versions of Windows, click the following link:
  2. To download the Windows Defender definition update file for x64-based versions of Windows, click the following link:
  3. Windows Defender Latest Definition Updates from softpedia:                                          

Courtesy: ,(KB923159)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010 :yours antispam address

To avoid spam, provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address. Your antispam address will be deactivated after the lifespan you selected comes to its end. IS NOT an anonymous email service: email headers are not modified , keeps the logs of this service.

It is simple,,put yours email address,give it a lifespan (one hour,one day,one week or one month) then click on the “Create your disposable email address”.

Apart from English language version,it is available in some other languages also. So go here and avoid spam.About

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

VIPfollowers- increase yours twitter followers count

If you are using lately Twitter then desire for yours augmented number of followers then may have been yours quality alternative  to increase yours followers count. To say the least I tried it with its Regular members and got almost 50 to 60 members as my followers within a week. You can follow me at my twitter account also.

You will have to feed yours twitter account username and password in order to log in in to this so better read the privacy statement and other information before using this site. in no way affiliated with or endorsed by .Login, follow all the vip/regular users, then you will automatically join train.To make sure your using the right twitter account to get followers.By opting out, This will take you out of system, And you will no longer receive followers.

As this website assures

“if you are in fact, trying to gain more followers on Twitter!  Our software will guarantee that you get the maximum number of followers possible for your business, website, or fan page! ”

Privacy Policy as suggested at
Any twitter contact information is kept absolutely private. Neither your account nor anything about your account is sold or shared with any other company or agency. Occasionally, we may tweet on your account for promotion purposes. However, we do respect your right to privacy and will not send tweets if you opt out of our service.

Follow me on twitter

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Delete unwanted Messages of Gmail account automatically

Spam messages in yours inbox from annoying friends or family members ,ex-workers or from various vendors, making yours inbox full and wild. You are deleting ,unsubscribing these too also been one or two minutes procedure for each spams or unwanted mails.

While browsing though mine one of the favorite blog Techie Buzz just discovered one article which has good recommendations To set up automatic deletion for emails coming from a particular source in yours Gmail which simply says to you set up a filter or set up rules for Gmail to identify the particular trend and then Gmail can identify that source and will take action for you.

Credit: Techie Buzz

Open one of these unwanted emails.
Click on the drop down arrow next to Reply and select Filter messages like this.
Enter additional criteria if you want like subject and certain words that can identify these messages.
Click on Test Search to make sure gmail is identifying the right messages.
Click on Next Step.
Check the boxes Mark As Read and Delete It.
Click on Create Filter.

The messages will now be deleted from yours Gmail account automatically the sooner it reaches to yours account the sooner it will be eliminated from yours account.


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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Tweet Followers- grow yours twitter network

 MyTweetFollowers. is the best place for you to grow your twitter network and gain a ton of followers.Go there,it's free and will help you get the followers you need.If you want to enhance the followers number then it its the right place you have arrived.You login and then follow people to be added to free section where people will follow you in return. MyTweetFollowersis in no way affiliated with twitter ,it is been said by this website. As this website suggests it is the best way to get tons of followers on Twitter.

You will be Log in using yours twitter  Username and Twitter Password to use MyTweetFollowers

After it you will enter into a page where you will see both the vip followers means the paid one and the regular followers , if you wish  you can go for paid vip followers but am talking about the regular followers means the free ones .This service is free until you opt for thier paid service the vip followers as the website said.After following the persons then a pop up window will come up and will say now you can join and go to the below of website then click the plus sign and you are done. "Thank you for taking the time to join" this means that the process completed and thus by going through this process again and again you can increase yours followers outstandingly.

MyTweetFollowers says is the best way to find a ton of people that want to follow you on twitter! It's pretty easy to use if you just follow the simple instructions:

1. Click the follow button below the users picture to follow them.
2. You have to follow all of the VIP riders.
3. You have to follow at least 20 of the regular riders.

You can always deactivate this by going to opt out.

Website:  MyTweetFollowers


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chitika New Mobile Ads Mean More Revenue For You !

Chitka begin rolling out their new Mobile Ads program across your website(s) from 18 th August!  Now, in addition to your regular Chitika ad revenue, you will earn even more from these new ads targeted to visitors viewing your website on a mobile device.Chitika mobile ads are currently displayed on the iPhone and Android only.  Other devices will be added soon.Chitka 's mobile ads are designed specifically for mobile users, and should result in more clicks and more revenue from your mobile traffic stream.  The ads are designed to be noticeable on mobile devices without hurting the experience of your site.Chitka is rolling these ads out slowly starting with a small portion of traffic, and then it will slowly increase this until mobile ads are live across the entire Chitka network.Click here for a large preview of what the mobile ads looks like on an iPhone.Mobile ads will be displayed similar to how  Select ads are displayed: only when there is a high chance the ad will result in revenue for you.  So in other words, they will not be displayed 100% of the time. Mobile earnings will depend on your mobile traffic and will work very similar to the way you earn revenue from our regular desktop ads.  There will be separate, custom reporting for mobile ads available very soon. If you have already a Chitka affilate account then  mobile ads will display automatically without any action needed on your part since  you already have Chitka's ad code running.You can easily disable mobile ads by logging in, and going to 'My Account'.  You can also re-enable then later if you change your mind or you'd like to test them out.If you have any doubts remain then please go this link to know more knowledge.Join Chitka  and generate more revenue.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

CCleaner v2.35

Whether you're passageway body part to swim this Sept, have warm memories of tercet- ring-binders and new  production, or would  neglect about your fine-tune natural events,also keep an eye on yours favorite clean crap cleaner and its update.A new version of CCleaner is available for download (25 August 2010 ).This is a big update because added a lot of new cleaning abilities, supported software, and user interface improvements.CCleaner keep your privacy online and offline, and make your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.You may download now from

Full change log:

Added support to search Uninstall Tool items by Publisher.
Improved Custom Files and Folders accuracy to avoid duplicate reporting.
Improved Include/Exclude Options.
Improved Startup Tool functionality.
Improved Registry detection algorithm for Missing Shared Dlls.
Improved exception handling when cleaning W7 jumplist.
Updated URL references to use
Minor GUI tweaks and usability improvements.

Added Session Cleaning for Firefox and Google Chrome.
Added support for Google Chrome Canary Build.
Added support for SRWare Iron browser via Google Chrome rule.
Added support to clean custom Chromium based browsers. e.g. CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Chromium\IronPortable\Profile\Default CustomLocation2=CHROME|C:\ChromePlus\ChromePlusUserData\Default
Added application support for Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe ImageReady CS, Nero Burning ROM 10, Google Calendar Sync and Google Talk.
Improved application support for Adobe Photoshop CS3, Google Earth, Adobe Flash Player.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get 10% off on PowerDVD & Power Director

To kick off the end of summer and beginning of autumn two of CyberLink’s flagship products: PowerDVD 10 and PowerDirector 8. Both products are 10% off from August 27th until October 3rd 2010.

PowerDVD 10 Mark II takes full advantage of the latest 3D technologies enabling users to watch movies in 3D on their PCs. PowerDVD Mark II has a wealth of amazing features including: Blu-ray 3D movie playback,2D-to-3D video file playback,Enhanced TrueTheater 3D to convert 2D-to-3D for DVDs and video files.PowerDVD 10 also supports the latest music library features of Windows 7, and utilizes TrueTheater™ Surround technology to optimize performance for home theater and PC hardware.

PowerDirector 8 offers powerful video editing, with unlimited possibilities, at a fraction of the prices of other competitors’ software. Users have a range of tools and effects available to create memorable and professional videos, which they can then upload to video sharing sites such as YouTube. Registered users also have access to DirectorZone where they can download effects created by other users, and upload their own. PowerDirector 8 also offers 5x faster video rendering with increased GPU/CPU acceleration and a 16 track timeline, particle effects designer and the chance to upscale videos to HD quality.

10% off on **PowerDVD 10** (expires on October 3rd )

PowerDVD 10 Deluxe , PowerDVD 10 Standard , PowerDVD 10 Ultra

10% off on **PowerDirector 8** (expires on October 3rd )

Power Director 8 Deluxe , Power Director 8 Ultra

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advanced System Care-3 A- Comprehensive System Utility

Having bought a PC the first thing, the principal concern of security is the second most important matter for you , in order to yours PC from countless crashes and formats. After prolonged PC usage, it becomes a tad slower, asking for PC cleaning up. Advance system care 3 (Free Pro version available) is a all rounder in system utility for protecting, cleaning, repairing and speeding up your windows PC. It involves in tasks such as deleting temporary files, internet files, recycle bin (noton recommended option, manually chosen),redundant registry entries (in the pro version deep registry cleaning available) and many others tasks that keep the system well maintained is also available.Advanced SystemCare Free (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. Designed for Windows® 7, Vista™, XP and 2000 (32bit and 64bit)

The Interface :Four large buttons available namely: Home, Maintain, diagnose, Utility.

Home: You can get version, statistic, date and time of lest system care. The date and time  of last System care can be known by simply putting the mouse on the system bar near to the time icon. When you click on “view” under statistic , the details of the last scan, number of problem fixed , and the defragment detail can be seen.

Diagnose: Click on the “Maintain Windows” button A-SC-3. Click the scan button to start scanning yours system. This checks for spyware, privacy issues, registry problems, privacy issues and junk files. After the scan is over it will give you the number of problems discovered in each sections. Click on the each area individually to see the detection or else Click on the repair button to fix all issues at once.


ASC Pro:


Compare Products:

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Customize Ubuntu’s user interface

Screenshot of Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala"

Image via Wikipedia

In WordWeb interface is defined as “a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system”. One more definition is The overlap where two theories or phenomena affect each other or have links with each other.As, we already noticed Ubuntu desktop is a simple game that is easy and not involved any complications.The bottom panel is like Windows taskbar. On the right side of the panel is the list of virtual desktops.

The one on the right can be used later and the one one the left of the virtual desktops is currently active.The trash bin is present and it is just like Windows recycle bin.Several menus visible on the desktop.The application menu comprise of all the installed applications. The place menu can be used to approach  the drives and drives of network computers. The system menus as the name suggesting deals with all the system settings,preferences,customizations, in short it can be used to tailor made yours Ubuntu desktop.The other menus are shortcuts in a way can be equated with Windows quick  launch.

How to alter menus and listings:

Right-click on any menu and then click on edit then you will be shown menus and sub menus, there you can add any items or disable any items by using the corresponding check boxes.Drag and drop the menus or items to change the arrangement of the menus.

The network activity icon,current user login icon and the clock are exhibited next to these. As Ubuntu runs on Gnome so there is much similarity of interfaces as many distros are running on it.The right most icon is for log in and log out with system rebooting and shut down commands attached to it.

How to change the log in window theme:

On the right panel , go to user name and right click on it then click set up log in screen ,click local tab,then the list of themes of log in screen displayed also included with it different ways to show log in usernames and customize it as per yours wish.


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Different countries' Independence day :- 4

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, New...

Image via Wikipedia

JANUARY 31, 1968 - NAURU
OCTOBER 10, 1970 - FIJI
JULY 10, 1973 - BAHAMAS
JULY 6, 1975 - COMOROS

JUNE 27, 1977 - DJIBOUTI
JULY 12, 1979 - KIRIBATI
JULY 30, 1980 - VANUATU
SEPT. 21, 1981 - BELIZE

MARCH 21, 1990 - NAMIBIA
MAY 22, 1990 - YEMEN
JUNE 25, 1991 - CROATIA
JUNE 25, 1991 - SLOVENIA

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Mobile blogging for My Opera

Opera Software stand at GSMA Barcelona 2008

Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes ago with due curiosity ,started my  Opera blog at my Opera, simple yet powerful function.Mobile blogging can be created for Opera blog,please read it on to know how exactly it can be done.So , you can update your blog by sending MMS from yours mobile to yours blog at my Opera.So,when you have something to offer to your blog , then you can do so while you are on the go by using Opera's mobile blog feature in the My Opera community.

Step 1: Enable MMS

First enable the MMS function for your blog  to update your blog from your mobile phone.check the "Enable MMS" box when you first create your blog in My Opera. Go to your blog´s setting page, and check the "Enable MMS" checkbox.Then within few moments you will receive a secret MMS key for your blog.This key is exclusive for you so do not share it as Opera will validate the MMS post of yours with this key. After log in to yours blog ,you can find MMS key on the sidebar of your account page as well as on yours blog’s home page.Just enter the text into your phone and stay in touch at all times.

Step 2: The procedure

Send an MMS containing your text to your secret key.That text will show up to yours blog as a new posting.If your phone has Opera Mini then log in to yours blog address and can check also yours latest posting.Your Post Has Landed.

Mobile blogging for opera

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