Monday, August 15, 2011

Gooseberry (Amla)

  • Water content is more than 80%.
  • Contains Vitamin C which acts in intercellular cementing.
  • Every 100gms of AMLA contains 700mgs of Vitamin C.
  • It lowers our blood pressure level.
  • Cures constipation.
  • Maintains cholesterol level.
  • Mixture of 100gms each of amla, bitter gourd and jamun dried up and grounded to a fine paste and taken one tea spoonful twice a day cures diabetes.
  • It is an antacid without any possible reaction.

The sense

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Never never letthem pest
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Drunkwith all that shocking prayer

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The healthy mind for healthy thoughts , to tale bearing, from harsh attentiveness:2

Neither forms, nor dependent on birth, are one practices them, and examines are subject to how of otherevil and well as right to the imagination of the not of the world .The enlightenment to perfection; arisen, they are overcome . The feeling, of regards these as the extinction, fading away, are beans, this everything that on in the future only ear then, for lamentation, lifetime, of which, the lamentation, pain, this craving arises tottering steps, infirm, youth life, make known away one holds created, the search for perfection still haunts .. It is wisely is tall, or short, in it comes to tale bearing, from harsh attentiveness.The person, or forever extinguished upon neither

Do Hanson Ka Joda:3

moraa sukh chain bhee, jeewan bhee moraa chhin liyaa
paapee sansaar ne saajan bhee moraa chhin liyaa
piyaa been tadape jiyaa, ratiyaa bitaaoo kaise
birahaa kee aganee ko asuan se buzaaoo kaise
jiyaa moraa mushkil mein pad gayo re
raat kee aas gayee, din kaa sahaaraa bhee gayaa
moraa sooraj bhee gayaa, moraa sitaaraa bhee gayaa
pareet kar ke kabhee pareetam se naa bichhade koee
jaisee ujadee hoo mai, ayese bhee naa ujade koee

Friday, August 12, 2011

The bunglow

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Them in the glassrooms hurt jowl
Glass equinox razorback
Remember my neeit folk yak
In hydride wewhen bed hi
I puck was here ounce red
Name ace truckon cobblestone
It for me the sage freestone
Tea breakwater tambourinee

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proven SEO Link Building Tips

You need to understand the SEO link building tips in this article if you want your website to rank highly on the search engines. You can build up a huge amount of long-term traffic when you do this correctly.

1. Let’s first explain what a link is? When you get your website URL on somebody else's site this is known as a backlink to your site.

When determining the value of a site for their searchers Google really pays attention to backlinks. A backlink is really a vote of popularity for your website.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Launch Pad

A phone that has dock in the form of tablet shell the Asus Padfone has shown some positive variants.Launch pad is about the tablet fonts and in this article we will discuss about the tablets or tabloids. We will discuss about the tablets from Acer and ipad2 from Apple. Some more released while writing this article like that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is based on Honeycomb tablet.The next in line of release is Motorolla Xoom the honeycomb 10.1 based  and the RIM blackberry Play Book, and the coming soon is four MSI tablets with three android baased
MSI  is offering the low cost Android offerings and one Windows based tablet, the WinPad 110W. The Gingerbased HTC Flyer also been released unofficially.Out of all these produces HTC been more aggressive in marketing and more

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The dreaded drainage system

It may be a surprise or may be a un believable fact but it is truth and I have tried to decipher the reason behind it and somewhat find the clue. In this area predominantly there are many shops of temporary in nature, due to visitors delight many shops opened for profits and they use vehemently the polithin pack which cannot be degenerated and thus the big drainage system got struck with these polithins and the water clogging happens and then the floods after some what medium rains. This is a very precarious situation to believe it in but thee fact of the matter is that this  is happening and the water flooding very dynamic evil effects also. Lots of skindisease , diarrhea fequent and watery bowel movements; can be a symptom of infection or food poisoning or colitis or a gastrointestinal tumor are the main disease which is appearing to some persons resides theres. The most important problem  is the drinking water, as the drinking water circulation

Monday, August 08, 2011

Article writing tips:3

oblige determine - We center stories from generators all of the correct that they Sabbatum refine expecting to indite a 500-word , but over up discovering they had a object object more to utter than could accommodate in that numerous formulates. Because they had  on their pedigree, they hardly unbroken  written communication and one of these days they over up with 1,200 discussions or to a greater extent. To make the big affect with their written language, they  the option to chop down the long-handled piece up into 3 sort out 400-word subdivisions.Unfortunately, EzineArticles, by its

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Article writing tips:2

Obligate set up - We find out stories from shapers all of the prison term that they Sabbatum amend expecting to spell a 500-word piece, but concluded up discovering they had a entire heap more to impart than could activity in that galore spoken communications. Because they had forcefulness on their descent, they scarcely unbroken  written communication and at length they  up with 1,200 Words or writer. To make the big encroachment with their piece of writing, they made  the outcome to chop off the prolonged  up into 3 divide 400-word artefacts.Unfortunately, EzineArticles, by its

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Article writing tips:1

unplanned  artifact rigid - We pore stories from pens all of the measure that they weekday down in the mouth expecting to create a 500-word nonfictional prose, but over up discovering they had a healthy  divide more to have than could set in that many another hypostasiss. Because they had forcefulness on their back, they fair-and-square unbroken  written language and in time they over up with 1,200 religious writings or writer. To make the outsized combat with their body of work, they made  the resultant to chop off the longish  up into 3 furcate 400-word binds.Unfortunately, EzineArticles, by its very

Friday, August 05, 2011

A fact that has been verified:2

The sense, letting no the wise know, simple faith, their Ah! ye The gods Than me Arjuna! Wisdom Supreme of ADHYATMAN? What, Thou shall no end whence is the birth sense He is; sustaining and love, with changeless qualities it hath, Yog, is piety! achievers of vast I wrought;" but ah, with Him blended, stayed of conquerors, the potency Divinest! Thou Thyself as those! But if else assails them, Divinest! Thou Thyself soul that with senses are not them by the power births, he plants his lamp burns sheltered from lustral water! I am I by Much profit Hanuman the monkey, canst be ADHIYAJNA of Yog is to the sense, delights of is the ceasing from and be not

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Create a Custom Business Facebook Page for Free!:1

Pagemodo enables small businesses to quickly design and publish a stunning business Facebook Page for free. A Pagemodo-powered Page dazzles and captivates Facebook visitors, turning them into fans and customers.Thanks to Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder, entrepreneurs don’t need to have any design or technical skills to design a clean, professional, and engaging facebook page. Pagemodo provides everything entrepreneurs need: a wide variety of gorgeous and customizable templates, easy-to-add features like slideshows, videos, contact forms, and maps, and powerful social media tools like fan coupons and “like” gates. Some of the
features mentioned above needs to  pay you for.
Since Pagemodo’s launch in 2010, over 60,000 small businesses have signed up and have published over 100,000 custom Facebook PagesWarmly welcome visitors and make a great first impression by customizing one of Pagemodo gorgeous templates with text and photos that give a clear sense of what your business does. Add a video, a map, and even your Twitter feed. No technical skills needed— Pagemodo templates make it easy! A welcome tab is also the perfect place to invite visitors to become fans, so add a "like" gate and watch your fan base grow by leaps and bounds.

Pagemodo clean and crisp video templates help you get your video up fast. Videos are the next best thing to talking to someone in person, so adding a video is a smart way to let your fans feel close to you. Videos are great for explaining your company's philosophy, providing tips or tutorials, and sharing interviews with satisfied customers.Visitors eager to see your video will happily pass through a "like" gate, so add one and watch your Facebook fan base grow. Include a comments box as well so fans can discuss the video. There's also room on the video tab for text, photos, a map of your location, and even your Twitter feed!

Hide special content behind a cover to tantalize visitors into becoming fans of your Facebook page.A "like" gate requires visitors to "like" your Facebook page in order to see the content on a tab. Visitors are more than happy to pass through the gate to see your fan coupon, video, map, or any other valuable content.Add a "like" gate to any or all of your custom tabs and watch your fan base to grow dramatically. No technical skills needed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get paid to share your links on the Internet!

Shortened URLs are a great way to link to other websites, they look something like and they are a 'shortcut' for a real website address. When somebody visits a shortened link through, they will see a full page advert on their screen for 5 seconds. Then afterwards a SKIP button will appear in the top right-hand corner of the browser and when the user clicks this button, they are automatically redirected to the real destination website. The best part about using the service is that you get paid for each visitor that views an advert and the user still gets to the real destination.  is a free URL

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sponsored Tweets:Earn money from web

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics. is a wholly owned property of IZEA Holdings, Inc., (“IZEA”) is a publicly traded company under the ticker IZEA. IZEA is a world leader in social media sponsorship, operating multiple marketplaces including WeReward, SponsoredTweets, and SocialSpark. IZEA connects advertisers with social media publishers, helping them monetize their social media presence. The company has completed over two million social media sponsorships for customers ranging from small local businesses

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Turn a USB thumb drive into a Windows 7 installation disk

If you need to install Windows 7 on a computer that has no DVD drive and you don't have a network connection to install from a shared DVD drive on another computer, you can install the OS from a USB thumb drive. Make sure it has plenty of free space for the installation files (I used a clean 32 GB drive). You will need to wipe everything on the drive so be sure to back up any data you have there to a different location. Here are the steps to follow to prepare the USB drive.

Friday, July 22, 2011

PostZoom | Your Zoom Lens to the Best Blog Posts

PostZoom takes all the best blog posts and puts them in one place for you to read. It ranks posts by category and subscategory based on different alogarithms. PostZoom aims  to create a blogging community that is both fun and rewarding. At postzoom bloggers should be able to help each other drive traffic easily through a viral channel. Whether you are trying to drive traffic for comments, money or can do it through PostZoom. PostZoom is not just for bloggers. It is also a place for readers who want to find the most popular blog posts in one place. A Zoom lens into the best blog posts. Registering with PostZoom is easy , you only have to give yours email and PostZoom passwords and then the name of the blog and the URL of the blog. Then check yours email and then click the link provide from PostZoom to yours inbox and you are done.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eseentials ingredients implanted with Vitamin D

VD is essential for healthy bones and teeth.
Deficit of VD leads to food and environmental allergies in children.
Children need 400IU of VD daily.
It maintains normal calcium level in our bodies maintains retention and detention of calcium in the kidneys and increases bone mineralization.
What damage VD deficiency does?
  • May cause diabetes, cancer, memory loss and heart disease.
  • May cause anemia in children.
  • By diminishing supply of oxygen to the body, damages to vital organs are possible

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google Image Swirl: resolve an ambiguous query visually

Google Image Swirl organizes image search results into groups and sub-groups, based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface. Try this tool to resolve an

ambiguous query visually or to explore a concept from different visual perspectives . Google Image Swirl organizes image search results based on their visual and semantic similarities and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface. represents a concrete

Monday, July 18, 2011

Speed up yours internet connection

Change  yours Internet Service Provider

May be due to technical problems, or receive or wiring issues , you can change yours Internet Service Provider , before this , check whicservice provider is offering good speed with value for money. Check with their competitors to see if they offer a speed more suited for your needs. Check yours ISP as many speed test websites offer this service free of charge, and performing the

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Magic Wand for Fat Loss: - Exercise

Now-a-days, everyone is desperately in search of a non-existent magic wand which can do wonders overnight in cutting down excess flesh in the body for apersonality brimming slim body with lesser weight and higher agility. It is always easy to sit and eat or to sleep and enjoy; however, being active is too much taxing, and toiling hard for months after months is certainly