Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How TCP and UDP work

TCP the transmission control protocol is the backbone of the internet. The data packets follow rules laid by TCP, then yours information goes from yours computer to computer to the recipient of the message. All the communication occurs as the handshakes with signals and acknowledgements continuously offered. TCP ensures that minimal packet information los by continuous information verifications, minimal data corruption ensures that the smooth sailing of data most of the times. For this it identifies the correction server via domain name server through synchronization, clock and error correlation processes. Thus it makes zero information loss and for this the whole process takes time to enable. The parity check and the data loss are re-compensated by resending packets. Now all these checks completed and the real process of data transfer begins between host and destinations computers. Now the required home page opens. The domain name server DNS use the TCP and UDP depends on the response time factors.  If headers are greater than 512 bytes then the question of using the TCP arrives. TCP consumes high band width resources thus give rise to a new protocol UDP known as User datagram protocol removes the massive overhead count. So, the entire handover and the synchronization process are minimized.

In actual TCP consumes a lot of bandwidth, so there evolves one new protocol known as user datagram protocol famously known as UDP. Here, time taken for handover and synchronization is reduced. UDP is a connection less application with the packet headers less than 512 bytes. UDP is proffered for heavy applications such as video steaming and video chat and VOIP which is also known as voice over internet protocol such as Skype, as this runs on UDP.

Initial handshake, same as the TCP, then the data communication begins. Source and destinations posts are transmitted. It gives an additional 16 bits of length and checksum is then transmitted. Transfer of data is faster and the time consumed in earlier TCP process is effectively saved.
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Monday, December 05, 2011

How many more do we have to get, to wake up?

I believe that this could very well be looked back on as the sin of our generation...I believe that our children and their children, 40 or 50 years from now, are going to ask me, what did you do while 40 million children became orphans in Africa? History will judge us on how we respond to the AIDS emergency in Africa....whether we stood around with watering cans and watched while a whole continent burst into flames....or not No war on the face of the Earth is more destructive than the AIDS pandemic. Investment in AIDS will be repaid a thousand-fold in lives saved and communities held together. AIDS destroys families, decimates communities and, particularly in the poorest areas of the world, threatens to destabilize the social, cultural, and economic fabric of entire nations. It's really important for people who are HIV positive to reach out to let other people know that they can be tested, they can find out they can still live a life -- a positive life, a happy life. It's really important for people who are HIV positive to reach out to let other people know that they can be tested, they can find out they can still live a life -- a positive life, a happy life. It takes a variety of strategies and initiatives to address this pandemic. It's about life, death, and the survival of humanity. Abstinence, being faithful, correct, and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic. And the danger is - and it's happening - is we're seeing an incredibly big rise amongst young gay people, young heterosexual people as far as catching HIV, which is, you know, in an educated country like this or in Britain, it's frightening. HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it. In fact, it seems to me that making strategic alliances across national borders in order to treat HIV among the world's poor is one of the last great hopes of solidarity across a widening divide. The global HIV/AIDS epidemic is an unprecedented crisis that requires an unprecedented response. In particular it requires solidarity -- between the healthy and the sick, between rich and poor, and above all, between richer and poorer nations. We have 30 million orphans already. How many more do we have to get, to wake up?" What is needed now are increased efforts to promote youth participation and commitment; more services aimed at youth; more parental involvement; more education and information, using schools and other sites; more protection for girls, orphaned children and young women;and more partnerships with people with HIV and AIDS. Everywhere I go, I see very much the same thing. I see the same compassion for people who live half a world away. I see the same concern about events beyond these borders. And, increasingly, I see the same conviction that we can and we must join together to stop the scourge of AIDS and poverty. Every minute of every day, a child under 15 is infected with HIV - the overwhelming majority of children under 15 who are HIV-positive get infected through their mothers at birth. Without treatment, half of these children die before they reach their second birthday. Every minute of every day, a child under 15 is infected with HIV - the overwhelming majority of children under 15 who are HIV-positive get infected through their mothers at birth. Without treatment, half of these children die before they reach their second birthday. AIDS is no longer a death sentence for those who can get the medicines. Now it's up to the politicians to create the "comprehensive strategies" to better treat the disease. AIDS is no longer a death sentence for those who can get the medicines. Now it's up to the politicians to create the "comprehensive strategies" to better treat the disease. Education, awareness and prevention are the key, but stigmatisation and exclusion from family is what makes people suffer most.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

How electricity is being misused

Energy is precious and it is very important for the survival of mankind. Energy and persistence conquer all things. This revolution, the information revolution, is a revolution of free energy as well, but of another kind: free intellectual energy. It's very crude today, yet our Macintosh computer takes less power than a 100-watt bulb to run it and it can save you hours a day. What will it be able to do ten or 20 years from now, or 50 years from now? To day I will be writing on the misusages of electricity and how this can be prevented. This is of the news in around of the area of Puri town nearer to Hospital square , where many small and large business going on and it is very crowded and this place is a square and due to the nearby hospital this place is very much crowded with populations pouring nearby villages and sub urban. The energy of the mind is the essence of life. It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things. As here any one can see lots of road side vendors with small shops and having the jump line. What is jump line, it is the connection illegally and directly from the booths. It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui. People used to get it free and I cannot understand why the state electricity unable to catch them red handed as they are dong openly, running fridge and toher high electricity charges. All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.

When the legal electricity connection members calls to the electricity office then the mechanic comes slowly after one or two hours and then they will not listen to you as we try to describe the problem but they will do what they thinks to do. Due to these phenomena the electricity load shading is going on and also the cost of electricity is becoming higher these days but the fact of the matter more people are using this freely and only few are paying and that too at higher prices. it is unbelievable. Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas. Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

This is surprising as in Odisha electricity board is privatized and even in this privatized situation there is lots of looting of electricity. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. I've got mad energy for days. That's what people can't get their minds around. They say, 'Oh, he's going to crash.' They try to apply all these common terms to a guy who is not common. I don't fit into their little box. Sometimes the monthly electricity board member who comes to check the meter reading suggests fixing the meter for monthly of 500 bucks so that no higher expenses of electricity bill will not come and also he said that he had done this at many homes in this near by areas. This is really disgusting we live in ours country and try to make it more and more successful  but the corruption is rampant even to the lower structure of electricity meter reading agent this is disgusting , I scolded him mildly and said I am the righteous person I will pay what I have spend on electricity.


Saturday, December 03, 2011

Technology help for umpires in decision making

There are lots of controversies whether to adopt technology in cricket field or not. Technology is full proof or not or is it only making the matter worse?  Hawk eye and other technology advancements have been always shrouded with lots of controversies and its impact on cricket has been more or less damaging. In order to use full proof technology, the technology is itself needs to be tamper proof, let us take an example. In order to detect a ball is a no ball or not there are various aspects of camera angles and also not so puzzling picture is the need of the hour from the host broadcaster and these needs to be perfected. Of late series against England in the last summer at England, against India I have seen some very hazy broad cast on some decision making. In the recently concluded series at West indies against India if I recollect right Dhoni was declared out of a no ball and when the field umpire connects to the third umpire who is always local that is in this case from the west indies, Actually the umpire was shown the footage of the previous delivery from the bowler which was not a no ball this is ridiculous and the host broad caster either manipulates or the technology manipulates the host broad caster only the lord knows and the person who did that knows fully well. These are some of the difficulties in dealing with technology. In the recent on going series of Australia and Kiwis, Australia captain M. Clarke played on, he was recalled by the infield umpire in charge Rauf, and the replay show the ball was no ball. This is a very good decision by the field umpire. If this not been reviews then it can create one more controversy and this time for technology.  As we have seen technology must be use buy correct person unselfishly so that it will produce the results. If technology is getting back at you and making you do the mistakes one after another whether positively or negatively then should this be part of the cricket? Lots of thoughts and lots of pondering should be done as this sports deals with people as the Australians say Indian are crazy for this sport then as Mr. Chappell announces in the commentary during this controversy that if Mr. Rauf would not do that by referring for no ball then it could lead to a big controversy the word tells it all. Cricket and technology seems to be going separate ways though the both sides of the same coin but cannot meet at one side.


Friday, December 02, 2011

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    Thursday, December 01, 2011

    Bharat the land of prosperity and engagement

    The land of culture and prosperity is which attracts intellectuals, traders and scholars to Bharat since early times. Romans in B.C. times traded with Tamil kingdoms of south Bharat. In first century A.D. Christian missionaries came to Kerala. The fore fathers of present day Parsees and the Jews landed on the western coast of Bharat seeking asylum from prosecution.

    Fa-Hien and Hiuen-Tsang, travelers from China, came on the foot to visit Bharat where Buddhism was born. Explorers like Marco-Polo and Vasco-da-gama came from Spain and Portugal. In the 19 the and early twentieth century a wide mass of scholars, writers and thinkers and writers came to Bharat from Britain and Europe. Eminent scholars like Max Mueller and others, archaeologists like Mortimer Wheeler.

    In the 1960s and 1970s, Europeans and Russians tourists came in organized study group tours. Due to improved in land travel in modern Bharat and better accommodation and prompt official efforts to enhance and develop existing facilities . With the improved catering industry, tourism is fast becoming a profitable national industry and instrument in international relations. planning to go to Mexico

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Multiplication by 11 through a special method

    Qs. 134 * 11=?
    Write down the answer one figure at a time, from right to left as in any multiplication. Prefix a zero to the multiplicand so that it reads 0134.
    To the right digit 4 add its right neighbor (right neighbor is the right) , there is no neighbor in the right so add 0.
    4+0 = 4
    To the right digit 4 add its right neighbor 3 so
    To the next digit 1 right neighbor is 3 So,
    To 0 the right neighbor is 1 so,
    So, therefore, 134*11= 1474
    = 1474
    Another example
    3456 into 11=
    3 80 16
    If in the process of addition, you get a two digit number, set down only the right digit and carry the left digit.
    You can check it through yours conventional method.

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    A suitable opportunity!

    Kingfisher Airlines (KA) of Bharat is now debt ridden. Government of Bharat wants it to rescue KA but vehemently opposed by opposition and it seems government back tracks. In the past, it had been rescued, but back to square on again for KA. Some say rescuing KA will make of irony capitalism.

    On the other hand, KA has excellent service standards, and good quality maintenance. So, KA can be saved without saving the owner Vijay Mallya.

    Some say Jet Airlines (JA), profound same quality service as KA, yet JA is making profits. KA has enormous overdue and it cannot be justified.

    In Bharat airlines suffered due to , high taxes on fuel , world rising prices and Bharat’s constitution and obligation to fly some uneconomic routes destinations like northeaster area of Bharat . this is not the cause though as Indigo Airlines is making profit where KA is down in the dumps.

    In the whole arena top US carriers like United, Delta, US Air reported good profits. So, these show bad conditions in career business are not terribly. Many a time’s government rescued the debt-ridden airlines career. Yet the three biggest US giants of yesterday – Pan American Airway.

    PWA and Bastern Airlines have ceased to exist. In the open market arena and cut throat competition market the efficient rules and the loss making fades in the process.

    KA is failing so its manage must charges. This is not the first time KA fail. KA must be auctioned, if must be a suitable opportunity.

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    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Wow what a test match!

    Mumbai cricket test match between Bharat and West Indies had been a spectacular display of superlative batting display, bowling powers and competition at its best. To the last two balls and last overs in the wires nail biting finish, a respectable draw, and a win for both the sides. Last day saw seventeen wickets fall and Bharat on the verge of win sometimes and sometime at losing but managed to salvage the draw. Kohli batted superbly showed his class and head over shoulder though got out when less than twenty needed. Ashwin comes to the crease when more than 50 needed to win and stay right till the last ball. The smart thinker Ashwin with 8 wickets down defended successfully second last ball of Edwards fast incoming swinging towards middle stump ball. A pulsating match and a honorary endings and great cricketing pitch where we have seen great scores in the first innings and in the second innings bowlers do the key.

    Ojha in the second innings took first five wickets of WI and with brilliant bowling of spin and wonderful brilliant display of spin wizard WI batsmen fell just like nine pins. In the first innings Ashiwn bowled brilliantly but Ojha unlucky having dropped catch in his bowling is economical and that is very important. On the bating side Sachin missed out one hundredth century 94 but Bharat at a safer place in the first innings.

    What a treat for the test cricket. First two tests saw less spectators but do they expect such a turn around in each and every moments of instances in the final day of this test match. WI won the toss and elected to bat first fearing the dreaded fourth innings pitch and that did not help WI as Bharat batted beautifully with Ashwin making one brilliant century his maiden and now tagged as all rounder. So, soon we forget Harbhajan , with excellent batting display , he is batting like a true batsman and very comfortable and correct. His stint at the first innings and stay at the second innings while batting and total nine wickets in the match has been inspiring and a dream debut. His partnership with Ojha is making and gaining prudent results.

    Ojha bowled superbly and make a new record of opening bowling with the new ball in the WI second innings took five wickets in a row. In all Bharat bowled superbly, batted brilliantly and good captaincy by Dhoni. Now the turn fo ODI against WI and for this Sachin, Gambhir and Dhoni rested, and Yuvraj and Harbhajan dropped and the same team as with ODI against England , Shewag is the captain.

    Man of the match and man of the series is Ashwin with stupendous bating and bowling display and Bharat won the series two nil. Bharat is now second in test rankings below England. If Bharat performs great at Australia then there are lots of chances that Bharat could be retaining the top spot of Test match soon.Joomla, Wordpress, Template, Tutorial & Troubleshooting

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Truth is beauty and beauty is truth

    As a research scientist, I am hardly staying at my native place to stay for long. But when I research and have the opportunity, I start to explore my places far and wide, remerging beautiful places on this place the college , the highways, the seas , the restaurants, the temples and the locality. I experience dynamism and fell it is the key to life. Each and every day something is changing here and there. The possibilities are enormous. It seems am becoming stranger to my native place! Hardly, people knowing me at all. Back to my past, my college and now the deemed university , the same stretches of trees slightly sloppy, the old archived college walls, the same posters stand in and stand out and in the next day posters gone and new breed of posters. Seems a competitive spirit is going on in pasting the posters and removing it. This shows how competition can be a cruel. The road hereby college now been half broken but the front side is good and new. Reaching to my college is feeling entirely on my past experiences reviving my glorious days and painting with the modern times. It is the lovely climate; it is the last week of November.

    On the side gate of college and on its left side a cycle stand temporary sitting meant for college students, a temporary shop. He sits near the walls where urinals water spreads and the cycle mechanic is on his job. The beauty of my place reminds me of the truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

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    Friday, November 25, 2011

    Man made dust storms

    In the morning times when the tranquility prevails the roads to the empty, by standers hardly there gazing at his roads. They are hardly there. Municipal taps are open. Water running an d flowing through it effortlessly. No stop cap on it. Water resource the precious water is being drained like no other reminds me of all the boastful talk of keep and save water. The road and the houses embedded within with plenty of local people with their respective families busy in their house hold activities. Reminds me of all the boastful talk is of renewed personas saying about the preciousness of water and saving water. There are roads at the both sides, the house holds, and it is brilliant space to walk it for in the morning with safer locality. Then came the square, on one side the temple is standing and on the other side small width road well built and hardly crack on the road. A good way is to walk in the morning with a very good speed with a stick on hand. There is the heavenly atmosphere with the coolness dipping, slowly the climate is going towards cooler side, and the morning walk is passionate. The winter is approaching. At the pleasant morning there is the peculiar tendency of locals here to sweep the roads in the front areas of their house. Thus creating the huge dust and then place becomes airy with the dusts and pollutants. They believe if they sweep in front of their house, then Laxmi Maa (Goddess of Money) will come to their house through out t the day pouring a lot of money. This is ridiculous and a bad behavior. The person who is crossing this house will be washed with dust and will catch a lot of related diseases. The morning freshness will come to a halt with this small-man made dust storms. The innocent greedy people thinks even the road in front of their house is their property. Thus in order to garner more money they sweep the dust and making an artificial dust storms, then they wash it with water. So, I have to fight with this peculiar habit each and every day in the journey of my morning walk with the artificial dust storms. To add insult to the injury then they wash it with water and making the road watery and temporary non- functional. Thus my awful short journey always have this ponderous and terrible break ups by closing my face while crossing over all these3 temporary storms and making a short high jumps while at each and every short watery pond area in the roads.

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    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    The stream of vision

    The mind is getting into higher altitude and the path and the portion is making it inroads and the exact thought nerve is taking some actions into it and making it feel like at home and the sensational part of action is slowly emerging out of no where and making the moves getting into rush and streamlined. The process of stumbling is getting into murkier as more and more thoughts making it waves and conjoining and adjoin into some stipulate ultra magnetic actionable position which is making the entire acceptance limit into no where to go. The background is emerging and the river, the bushes, and the slow and steady wind making it something very natural. The background hill is slowly dipping into oblivion and the process of removal actuations ahs been getting into the mind and soul and deeply impregnating into its moral character. The support syetem is making it more and more congenial and the process it handle the entire administrative mechanisms is making these happening more and more tom its ultimate occurrences.

    The inner wheel is lost in the den still have to be traced but it is showing the sign of gratitudinal acceptance and making it more and more systematic gigantic acronym. The entire silken smooth seems to be going no where and the passive occurrences and the significance is moving ulterior to its ultimate dignifying momentum. The closer the thought is more and more pathetic and grieve feelings making something positivity and that root needs to be taken care of. The glorified insignificant entity is slowly being moved to its interior functional route and the holding and handling matters though still a long way to go but can be enhanced and continued for a longer strife of time. The environment becoming more and more sordid but the graft in making it is slowly approaching to its ulterior excavate and the acceptance of it managing these is really the spike that cannot be ignored and entertained. The momentarily jugular and the route detection is making the process a slow and reverse action with some routing and flimsy actions rated endurances.

    Now the entire thought process is in the right direction making it move forward and plunging into action and the rub of salt of thoughts is slowly extracting from its inner circles and making the plus moment’s nice and good share. The simple progress and the raw time is being misspell and the pathological incision is being treated as something gratitude and this odor of merit can be mostly visible and acceptance merit.

    The symphonic enigma is slowly making the ring bells and going towards extreme possibility making the waves appear as it is in it systematical and wonderful manner. The leave making it worse the zero in approach is not working and the boring day is making it worse to believe. The upward swing and the listing is pacified and the inner strength getting the rapid increase in momentum and the parameters getting more out of it through various parametric meditation. The inner arch is pending lately making the intrinsic apprehensions, the boring day is aggravating the postion, and lots of time left to watch it for.


    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    The amiable implications

    The sudden snow fall is making the thing worse. The rapture raining and the snowfall is making the going out of business is very important proposition that the state of emergency in the disastrous situation in the country in its template activity and the fallacy of circumstantial tangent. The spontaneous situational stream is already in the works of the glorified intuitive and easier intricate actionable information to make the hidden layer and the second inner layer of the skin and the mind over matter can be resolved . The idea generating and the pigment of imaginative composition and thickness of the attitudinal functionality is taking over from the unimaginative syndrome of the inter college competition with the private and to communicate these slow mechanisms of action of antidepressants and the flamboyant care and then ultra attended the event of the slow over gram which is making the psychological imaginative accumulation.  

    The event cannot be undone and then precedent cannot be comparable and acceptable. The ultra acceptable mechanisms is making the decsion making a difference in diagnostic accuracy and interobserver agreement was   making the point about it a well managed and the fundamental frequency and the point of assimilation is making the management worse affected and the ultimatum analysis of synchronous and the other involving part
    is making the whole process a some what odd and inhibitory. The process is soon becoming more and mroe respnsive and even the entire similr process is not amking any of the success which attended the first meeting of idea generation and the propagation of the surface which is making the part of the process extreely dificult as the similar part is happening and this time and each and every time the delay is goping on without much success and the effort has ben not good enough at the similar pat and no real pain and gain . It is shocking for this but it cannot be superseded and amiable.

    The falmboynace and the possibility of theory of imagination and creativity has been at the worst case and it is facing the situation where the user can face the really annoyance of not performing and in spite of repeated actionable circumstances the functional disorder is happening time and again. A serious and difficult to surmount all these possibilities but ti can be do away with bu the process not known so far. The resilient is worse than the thought process  and the making of the imaginative actionable attendance has been in a very sprouting difficulties making the whole situation in a complecated and the other is a more detailed description of the invention may comprise the steps of providing a service that allows you acess to a extra exponetial growth and development the possibility of this institutional advantage can be areal spike to attend and the possibilities of making it easier than others because they are the possibilities which have to be revived and sustained.
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    What are web apps?

    Over the years internet has evolved from static content to more and more dynamic content and now to rich internet applications. Active applications or web applications are similar to software which you install from the CD, for example Gmail is a web application. Gmail is like a desktop application; email client like outlook, yet it run on internet. The difference between software and web application is , with the software you will have to update it manually , where as with web applications it updates automatically. In the first case if you reformat yours PC, you do not have to update Gmail, it updates itself. This means every time you have secured Gmail, it can be accessible from anywhere, any mediums like smart phones, etc. Most web browsers considers WebPages and applications in the same manner, Google Chrome supports installable web apps. This mans faster browsing and early accessibility. If any installable web application can bundle all its content into zipped archive that users download. When they install the app, this is called the packaged applications. In chrome store, enhance yours Chrome experience with applications from the Chrome web store.
    With Chrome web browser, both packaged and installed applications have short cuts making accessibility for the users with a click of a button. Chrome is updated regularly, so it supports the latest trends and fads of the internet. HTML5,APIs and WebGL all are latest web development and has been incorporated to Chrome. With Chrome the installable web apps needs to ask yours permission once in logging. In other browsers or in normal websites it needs to seek yours permission every time they perform notifications, geo locations and so on.

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Control your mind

    The mind over the matter, devoid of consciousness and amending the paranoid getting into mingle the philanthropy of malaise is coming at last to umpteenth implications and probability index. The glare starving and the middle ton of anxious configuration is getting means to its paranoiac acceptance and making it in the design indexing attire. Lots of mile s to go , dream is on yet like it is setting to it mid sight. The sophisticated insight is making the story longed and in the wilderness of hopeless glory and the process of exploring attitude is making it more and more complex set up mechanisms. The holistic approach is slowly becoming sticky and the impatience of thoughts generations is slowly progressing to its dreamy lands which are slowly getting into it and making the passive motion ride slowly but steady yet functional.

    The sagas tic melody is slowly bumping into the malaise of thinking hats and it is making the inroads into the mechanical possessing yet the absolute alone mechanisms is not the real ghost of ideas generations but instead it can be a course which is slowly making a way to get it into. The cozy laugh is making the charm and very attentive into the passive motion of intrigue mechanisms which is making the entire atmosphere cool and observe. The surf motion is already in place making lots of waves which is growing upwards and making it a hollow fear of very attractive demonized speculation. The enzymes of attractions and the modular in mechanic orientation is slowly making lots of panther within and growing upwards inwards but in silent and mono vibrating waves. The while line is slowly fading and reversely getting into some unspeakable momentum. The accepting effect is making the friction some gigantic proportions. The passive motion and the pointed graft is making inroads into some of the functional ideas and these could be brilliant and some more ideas making way into it and trying harder to make it happen and more and more possibilities emerging out of it. The insight rants cannot be seen it seems all the misconceptions and all the possibilities and its surroundings action has been erased from the memory and the new management ideas may be in order or something in near to it.

    The improbable acceptance can never be seen and its modeless ignorance is slowly making the hick and tuning into action. The dream action and the silver lining is showing that everything will be alright and the path to success is waiting to be dwelled and pondering upon. The witty patches in the thoughtful mind is making the imagination sick and torrid but the control and the imaginative acceptance can be manageable and the path to success and the pondering of the inner sight is taking time and this can happen any time any point in action packed moments. The ushering and shimmering effect is misleading but taking slowly into the control server which is taking the whole system into auto action mode through some nice and positive management actionable proposition.

    Control your mind

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Umerkote by-election schedule for Nov 30.

    The by election of Umerkote is imperative after murder of BJD MLA Jagabandhu Majhi . The last day of filling of nomination is this Saturday and voting is on November 30. As many as six candidates in the fray for this by-election. Congress candidate J.Gond, BJD candidate (ruling party) S.Gond and BJP candidate D. Gond and three more. Dhanuram Gand (Independent) S.Paklu (RPI) and Buti , Bhatra belonging to Kalinga Natinational Front. The last date of withdrawal is November 16. There will be triangular contest between BJP< BJD and Congress.

    The ruling BJD, in order to float through sympathy wave nominated the close aid of the deceased leader Majhi. The problem is Majhi was a bachelor without any political heir.BJP candidate D.Gond was Umerkote’s legislature in 2004, he was second in the last election, has been holding huge rallies to show his strength. He said he will take the development agenda. Congress candidate will talk more about deteriorating law and order situation.

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    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    The relationship that matters

    Never before seen such a close and intimate relationship which is being so intense and it is like the paradise in the earth. Thinking about the hoary past which is the strict reminder of a sweet relationship in a sweet environment. The kid’s days, the lovely teen, and the flow of ideas age has been great and a strict reminder about my beautiful relationship which has been going on till today.The beautyful sky and the imprints of the clouds making me reminding of my sweet segmetnation of my beloved. The twitting is making and remmebring the beautyful world which I have been.The stay at home moms like me has a beautyful world which I have been craving for during my teens. My dreams are unlimited and being constantly upgraded and now I have seen throgu the eyes of my own children. The beautyful earth is looking awsome and the kitchen has been a dashing remind me of the old and new friends and have a good time to buy a new one and it is not a valid stream resource in D minor for two violins and for the first time in the future and the future of the country and the world of the living room and dining room with a view to the sea and the mountains of the world and the world of the living room and clining  to the first embodiment of the present invention is to provide a method for the determination of the amount of the compound of formula I wherein R is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California and the surrounding area and the second is the number of the first and second portions of the first and second portions of the first and second portions of the first .

    The beautiful paradise is being gifted and is being glacirised by the sunlight of my children coupled with my own eyes and ears of the listener and the speak of the glorious past and the present invention is to provide a method of ultimate satisfaction of the ideas of my home. The sight of the fact that the two are not the only one who can not live without each other and the world is lookign like a affectionate of the present invention is to provide a method for the determination of the amount of the compound of formula I wherein R is a specified relationship to the world of sweet and sour dream of a better world for all of the above mentioned problems and to provide a method for the determination of the amount of the compund of the present happiness and joy in the Holy L and the right to be free of the disease and the presence of a sweet dream or a beautyful and the other is a more detailed description of anthropology and sociology of science and family
    realtionship with the same age as the time of managed print services never been a better time to be a part of the social and intimate relationships. 

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    The upscale mountains

    The upscale mountains slowly emerging into the sky making the whole of horizon an eyesight of matching proportions and this has been indirectly networked and bind into realm action of probability. The cross section simply losing in loopholes of uncertainty and it is slowly emerging and dipping into the actions of instances. The long horizon facing the glow mountains is shining with lots of snowy and its surface is becoming a shining and placid like mosaic. The spongy shining is dipping deep into tress along with mountainous deep jungle. The river making its flash emergence from no where as it seems so , and making the whole atmosphere music and just before it the singing tunes may be making some high definition sounds with some ultra thinned or no bass effects.
    Both the mountains been connected through some simple thinned passage and the river is slowly but confidently flowing through it and making this division appears slow and steady. This look alike a sign in pages of a web based email service with the authentication of https and secure identity. The, later parts of the river is slowly diminishing to no where as it is not understandable from this vast torrent. Trying to find the river stream and below two mountains but cannot be seen as there are darks and from this distance it is not a path to see this in comfort. The path to unforeseen circumstances cannot be seen or behaved as it is slowly making the progress through its routes not visible from this angel but its cross section indicates the exact route of action and the point of delivery. The binding between the hills is strong and it seems slowly the river in between the mountains can be a separator effect in the long run. Still there are covers of uncertainty but tit seems it is slowly uncovering.
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    A new methodology that measures your site's social quality

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    This Blog is about blogging tips and tricks. We provide the

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    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    My life

    It seems like ages, head over heels, mind is young and heart is younger, only the age counts, but I do not think so. Life is beautiful, enjoying the experience with my life, written in the smoothly written parameters of hope and aspirations. I am seeing the child in my child am enjoying the life within my child’s activities, feeling young and want to live for ever and enjoy my life and experience. It seems as the days have passed, long days, I have been taking balanced food, though affected lately by blood sugar and other eating disease but all have been controlled and minimized. My die mainly consists of green vegetables and salmon fishes so that I can garner the much needed Omega 3 for my body. It minimizes blood sugar and other deadly diseases and it strength my bones so that fear of osteoarthritis may not have been from five years from now. My children though they are now adults but like I feel they are small and they take care of me all day long. I want to live longer and like this my heart will be younger and happier. I do morning walks regularly and keep myself fit. It reduces my blood sugar level and blood pressure and keeps me fit and smart.

    mature woman life day by day..all about her dreams,her way of healthy life,what diet she found work the best,what to eat,the best healthy food recipe,relationship with 50++ and much more my life

    Bharat won the series comprehensively

    In thrilling days of play at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, second test match of cricket between Bharat and West Indies, Bharat won by inning and runs. This is the second win for Bharat in the three match test series against West Indies. The hosts batting first after lucky on the toss piled of score of a massive over 600 runs with centuries from Dravid, Dhoni and Laxman. Laxman remains unbeaten and scored in his favorite ground once again. West Indies bowling good in patches but fails to utilize the morning freshness at the Eden garden. West Indies failed miserably in their first innings having smart bowling from India in all the departments, though Ishant wicket less in the first innings but bowled his heart out. West Indies followed on and piled up a good second innings score which is natural at the Eden as here the third innings garners more runs than expected and Bharat bowled well. The all four fresh new attack leading by Ishant the speedster, Umesh Yadav the fast and the left armer Ojha and the offie Ashwin recently married performs exceedingly. For the first time in this innings in the second innings of WI the fresh new bowling attack has been tested and tried and they performs wonderfully. As the great Gavaskar while commenting with Neo Cricket satisfied to watch and said It is always a good sight to dismiss the tail hander in few runs than the opposite, this really happens with superb bowling from these new young bowlers, Ojha break the shackles by removing the very good batting from Bravo, well deserved century, he has been captured at slips Dravid the world record holder in catching got his 208th victim. Ojha’s specialty is he can take wickets in new ball that is surprising. Ishant after injury slowly recuperating and bowling with a good speed this is encouraging and the fast and the fastidious Umesh Yadav bowled his heart out as it sems after Nissar, Ramakanta Dehai and Srinath a true fast bowler from Bharat is comes in top reckoning with lovely bowling and good physical status so that he can carry the burden of Bharat’s weight in fast bowling department for long. Yadav is making reverse swing in new ball that is heartening to feel as Zaheer and Ishant can make on old ball but the new ball reverse swing can be very productive and with his pace and skidding action batsmen the entire world will have tougher time.. Ashwin with his variety and the carom ball using very rare has been getting more and more wickets and proving to be a much better option for the tough Australia tour. We need bowlers who can take wickets not for containing but for taking wickets and here is the bunch of awesome four has been getting wickets in Bharat where the pacers consider as very bad wickets , with 7 wickets in this match Yadav getting confident and this is good.

    All About Cricket

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    The multi fascinated anonymity

    The miniature parts and the security needs to be observed as home alone and the entire duty rests with and the perpetual attendance needs to be tightened and the fire extinguisher needs to be checked in and then the kitchen gas needs to be switched of including the electrical chimney and other parts. She opened the door again and running with the wind shoe goes to check the electrical chimney as the kitchen is in the middle of the road at the left side the aspiring of checking in and the materialistic remembrance has been a great assets and this is been doing this and thanking oneself for this great memoires and the added responsibility. The problematic situation arrives and the real problem is the switch of the chimney at the higher place and if jumps up to chimney still then also it is unlikely to reach it out. Works to be done electrical chimney still running and thanks oneself that she remember to check it again other wise can be any mishap and home alone syndrome so had to get it out of this situation.
    Trying to climb to the raised horizontal platform unable to get into access as knowingly fully well the balance can be misleading and already dressed with school dress and for this extra caution needs to be taken no to take any symbol in the dress as can be penalized for half an hour in school. Trying to ride upon the platform through sideways ways raised one of leg seeming the left side trying to pushed through the foot to steady and reach to the platform easily, but suddenly slight sleep and the position is half on to the platform unable to go to top and down to earth a peculiarly position making the parameters running and fear of falling. Knows, had to do and will jump to the platform this has to be done and electrical chimney need to b switch off before venturing to school.
    The true focus might be endangered by the sleuths of umpteenth exaggerations and its meticulous planning and execution. The product and the simulative effect in making the understandable afflicts cannot be misunderstood, still be the misnomer but the factors mesmerizing the whole concept of socializing and its factors of reconnect and updates. The underscoring of points in making the shifting is still in the eye brow of cross functionality and its impact is overwhelming in moonlight snow as it is increasing and developing into a wonder of world missed into a circle but faceted into multi fascinated anonymity.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Home alone

    The study time is almost nearing; it is already late to reach school, lots of jobs to be done with lots of precise. The paramount precision needs to be dining as the class teacher is very strict and sees every act of student precisely, sharply and exactly. The books and the write ups are largely summarized and needs to be conjoined and in order so that no time will be wasted while delivering to the class teacher. The school bag is ready and need to be taken smoothly. Breakfast finished still one and half an hour to go for school time. All he cores needs to be finished on time. Home alone so most of the jobs to be done precisely and also the security of the house to be done. Oh lot s of works, thinking only a mild work is not the right way of approaching this.
    Forty five minutes passed, all the cores finished, and now for fifteen minutes all the windows and doors to be closed as home alone so needs to take care of home when away from home. Nice to hear songs as it can reduce mental apathy and can the work be completed smoothly and start the deck with beautiful songs forever songs been melodically vibrated and making the songs in blinking possibilities and some good aspiring feelings. The phone bell ringing and she wake up from the windows shield and bet back to phone. After ten minutes she is now ready with almost stuffs to go out for school except the put a finish on. Going to the wardrobe selecting the appropriate apparel and the process of owning starts up. There is plenty of time left and she can now relax as all the other requisite jobs finished beautifully.
    She feels something missing and checked all over bungalow and sees the light is still glowing there so it should be stopped instantly. This job done and the improper all vanishing now it is time for schooling. Wow! Some jobs to be done. The inner tiding is still sensing something left behind and searching for school bags and opening al over again is making the task difficult but still the gut feeling resides something is missing and needs to be rectified soon. Each books and the paper is being searched and ultimately the pen and the pencil not there, a very serious miss as the class teacher is strict and all the goggled needs to betaken carefully. A systematic fallacy and making of the disorder can be popping out and, this sixth sense saves from class teacher’s grace. The appropriate pens and pencils taken and pencil sharpener and the eraser also been collected. The purpose now seems fully solved and now is time to venture out to school after locking the entire bungalow and the process starts.

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    A standby credit facility of $100million to help Maldives

    Among many new initiatives, India announces $100 million credit for Maldives. It is a standby credit facility of $100 million to help Maldives. Maldives is strategically important to India. India will enhance capacity of Maldivian security forces. These decisions were taken during India’s PM Manmohan Singh’s visit to Male and his talks with Maldivian President Nasheed at Male.
    China has been making rapid inroads into Indian Ocean through various ties with many countries. Maldives and India is facing the same problem of piracy and terrorism. Two sides decide to make a coordinated approach to these problems, to make aerial surveillance, systematic exchange of information, and to develop an effective legal frame work against piracy and terrorism.
    The seventeenth SAARC summit is currently going on at Male. Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh becomes the first foreign head of government to address People’s Majlis, then parliament of Maldives in the entire history of Maldives. India and Maldives signed six agreements. The most important framework accord of development is in cooperation and pact under which India will extend standby facility of $100 million help to stabilize Maldivian financial conditions.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    We didn’t mean to, honest.


    Microsoft Tulalip:


    A new non-operational social search service called Tulalip was found at Socl.com . Microsoft later called it an internal design project.

    We didn'y men to be honest

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    Only a goldsmith can identify the real diamond

    Life now been changed for Sushil Kumar, a 27-year-old computer operator and tutor who earns Rs.6,000 per month who won the top prize of KBC being hosted by Amitabh Bachchan on Sony TV. The episode aired on Sony Entertainment Television on Wednesday. Before this announcement allover through channels and the buzz were going on. Sushil's proud father Amarnath Prasad sees the change in the public perception after his son won this money from KBC. His father said they were poor four to five days ago now the perception changes, he hailed from Motihari in East Champaran district of Bihar . It is the money matters and due to his son his father now getting respect from people around him. They have not seen one lakh in their life now lots of business people, bankers and other money related organizations enquiring Sushil availability. Sushil’s father and father-in-law both happy as their status increased due to their son and son-in-law becomes the millionaire. They are happy that they are getting more attention and most deserved respect. Sushil’s father –in-law proudly announces Only a goldsmith can identify the real diamond, and he credited himself for choosing Sushil for his daughter. Sushil mother wants to build five houses for his five sons with this money. At present, Sushil's joint family lives in a small house in Henry Bazar in Motihari. Officials of several government and private banks too are visiting the family. The family said it is to be Sushil’s decision to invest the money. This is the only Diwali for Sushil’s family in which they receive a lot of gifts. They are very happy. Sushil is awaiting a hero’s welcome with lots of gifts and well wishers.

    It is a true story of slum dog millionaire film descriptive where the fiction is meeting with facts.

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    PUMA’s new brand ambassador is Yuvraj

    World cup 2011 hero Yuvraj now new brand ambassador of PUMA. PUMA is a big brand and needs no introduction.

    Yuvraj expresses his pleasure and satisfaction over this association. Yuvraj wants to be a good cricketer and focus more on test cricket and want to be renowned for his contributions in test cricket and he and PUNA shares the same values he rejoiced.

    Speaking on the occasion, Puma India's managing director Rajiv Mehta said: "Yuvraj Singh is the quintessential athlete for Puma. He epitomizes the youth with his forthright personality, which exuberates confidence.

    Yuvraj is a talented all-rounder with multi faceted cricketing display of late plagued by injuries performance dipped but he rose to the occasion and performs wonderfully on the recently concluded world cup cricket. With his talent and discipline in performance of late Yuvraj can be a real performer in the coming years and PUMA association will certainly help him in the long run.

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    A smile is a curve that sets everything straight:3

    It can be loosened if stay indoors but when going to the air it is high time to attain and make it a real possibility and run it again and again. The process is taking time to suit to the occasion and make it looks visually appealing, this process is soon to b completed, the entire mechinsims is sen from different persoectivs and different variavbles, and it is now tested ok to the success.
    The fitting occurrences just been finished and it is been glorified and asynchronously justified and then the inner and middle parameter of security and this security needs to be checked and implemented carefully as it can posers the risk of vulnerability and the inner security can pop up and making the embracement of security happenings. It is to be vehemently thin layer and it is to be synchronized well with the inner happenings and also not being visible to the outside so that the real security machines would work in simple and very justifiable parameters. The search and the matching of different completely alternate centric designs and the graphic user interface needs to be augmented and p[potential equally fitted to the strength and it should not be so heavy so that the entire security parameter can be a laughing stock with lots of RAM requirements .
    The concentrated mind can be felled upon in the circumstances never said before. The ongoing apparatus is creating its clinginess to the maximum capacity so that the utilization can be done and managed with its optimal resources and typical health syndromes. The unmanageable circumstances and the periodic epitome of inning less syndrome is full of complete attractive mechanisms which along the way something parametric and in the effectual apparatus. The actual studying of the facts is engineered to the point of mechanical variances and the utterances is being slinked through some ultra conceivable attentiveness and the following is the designed due of diligent parametric attitude. The closeness of mind over the matter is making the whole thing in such way crippling for attention and the centrifugal force is constantly is being overdrawn and machinist for its purposes. The mind to the eye is being the true card holder and the mind simple attentively denies where the eye takes screenshots and knows what it will happen. This is important for this situation to go with eye to mind simplifications of thoughts and membranes of veins which elaborated the complete difficult yet manageable possibilities.

    Wednesday, November 09, 2011

    Dissecting Big Boss 5

    The testing times indeed, bound by the boundary inside the Big Boss’s house and getting together a bunch of unknown, known or faking to be known persons and bound by circumstances to enjoy the audience.

    Big Boss is a great concept indeed and you cannot ignore it, you either love Big Boss or hate it but cannot ignore it. Nov7 th Monday is the voting time, the person to be nominated for eviction and time given is for five days. Nominated again the versatile Puja Mishra, Mahek and Akash and Laxmi. Laxmi of late been subdued and not in action especially after the arrival of Akash to the arena. Puja Mishra time and again nominated and this time as it seems both Juhi and Puja Bedi voted the same two persons Mahek and Puja Mishra , is it some of the bigger plans by them, I think Big Boss should listen to this and try to decodify their friendship as they both are not active at all and they saving themselves from the voting and nomination. I think in this week they both should have been nominated instead the action stars Puja Mishra, Mahek and others got in.

    All the dull persons in the Big Boss of late like Puja Bedi, Juhi,Laxmi of late have been advocating of peace in the Big Boss house ,but does Big Boss wants peace and more to this audience will not appreciate this at all. Big Boss should expedite the process or makes some move so that the two so called forever friends Puja Bedi and Juhi should act or should vanish from the house. Vida telling english again and agin , what should Big Boss do, they should write the Hindhi subtitles instead as it shows Big Boss failed to convince Vida to speak Hindhi.

    This write up is on Big Boss 5 Nov 07 2011 broadcast; all opinions are just opinions and not intended to hurt any person in any manner